My Top 5 Hardest N64 Boss Battles

The Nintendo 64 console has brought me plenty of memorable moments.   It’s still by far my favorite video game system of all time with some of the greatest games ever made.  However, that doesn’t mean that this system didn’t just bring us all sunshine and rainbows.  The N64 has also brought me a great deal of frustration, especially against some of the games hardest levels.  The games levels also usually come with a rather challenging boss battle. Some are more difficult than others, but this list consists of the five toughest bosses I’ve had to face on the N64.  

This is my own personal list and are bosses that I myself have defeated.  If there’s a boss here that you feel should have made my list, please let me know in the comment section below.  With that being said, here is my list of the five toughest N64 boss battles.

#5.  Weldar:  Banjo Tooie 

While not the toughest boss on this list, Weldar is certainly a challenge.  This gigantic vacuum is one of Grunty’s own equipment forced to stay inside of her large factory.  The beginning of the fight is fairly simple: you basically just fire one of Tooie’s egg grenades into his mouth.  It’s not until he powers on the electricity which makes the fight more difficult.

If you get too close to Weldar, he will begin sucking you up leaving you vulnerable to the electricity on the ground.  If you’re not quick enough, Weldar will snatch you right up, then spit you right out.  He’s a fun boss to fight, but can get a little frustrating especially the very first time you face him.

#4.  Andross:  Star Fox 64

After quickly disposing of his first form, Andross shows his true colors and changes into a giant living brain.  The first power Andross uses is that he’s able to extend his eyeballs into long electrical tentacles.  Once you’ve destroyed both of his eyes, you must attack the cerebellum.  This is not easy however, because Andross constantly moves rather swiftly and will disappear from time to time making it all the more difficult to take him down.  He can also grab you as you try to get closer to your target.

However, even once your finished destroying him there’s still one more thing you have to do; escape.  In a scene similar to escaping the second Death Star from  Return of the Jedi,  Fox is tasked with escaping from the planet Venom.  You don’t have a lot of time however, because the explosion is right behind you.  Once you make your getaway, the mission comes to an end.

#3.  Majora:  The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

For the video shown above, the boss battle doesn’t start until you hit the 6:25 minute mark. The Living mask of Majora is waiting for you, as you must defeat it inside of a dream-like place.  There are multiple attacks that come from Majora’s mask which makes the battle much more difficult.

Majora’s Mask also has a few other forms like Majora’s Incarnation and the final form called Majora’s Wrath.  This form is certainly the toughest, as Link must avoid all of the long tentacles that are thrown his way.  The only way for him to take Majora down now is by using his trusty Master Sword.  Once you are finished defeating it, you feel a sigh of relief after a long fought battle against one of the toughest enemies Link has ever had to face.

#2.  Mizar:  Jet Force Gemini

As far as video games go,  Jet Force Gemini  has to be the most difficult game I’ve ever played on the N64.  Sure you don’t need to beat the game at 100%, but since I consider myself a completionist, there was no way I wasn’t going to make sure that all those Ewoks err I mean Tribals were finally rescued.  In order for you to have made it this far, you definitely had to make sure that all the Tribals have been collected that is if you want to face the menacing Mizar for a second time.

This is battle is absolutely challenging.  On the one hand, there are no life gems for you to collect to regain any of your health back.  There are also no care packages for ammo, so if you run out your SOL.  What makes this battle one of the more difficult boss battles is the amount of attacks that Mizar has up his sleeve.  There are a few basic attacks you can easily avoid including his atomic breath, claw pound, and lasers he shoots out of his eyes.  However, it’s the beam that he fires out of his claws is the most devastating.  That attack can easily drain your life away and if your not careful, the match will be over before you know it.

He also has the power to throw asteroids at you which isn’t too hard to avoid, but it forces you to use some of your ammo to destroy them.  Also, in order to destroy him, you must shoot him from behind.  This is also a very difficult challenge because he faces you most of the time.  It’s not until the end when you can actually aim at his face and claws.  You will definitely feel a great sigh of relief once you have defeated him.  You should also give yourself a big round of applause.

Now for my #1…

#1.  Wizpig:  Diddy Kong Racing

The toughest boss battle comes from a children’s game!?  That’s right, Wizpig is by far the toughest N64 boss I have ever had to beat.  What a pain in the ass this guy is.  I don’t remember how many times it must have taken me to finally beat this guy, but I have to say it was definitely in the hundreds.  Even with all the hints I’ve read online on how to beat him, I still found it extremely difficult.

There’s no better way to say this but the only way to fully beat him is to never miss a boost while also staying in front of him the ENTIRE time.  I have to stress the word “entire” there because you absolutely must not let him get in front of you.  If you do, it’s pretty much game over.  You also gave to press “A” on every boost to give you that extra jolt which will make you faster for a short amount of time.

He’s a very challenging boss and I have nightmares trying to beat him.  I’m glad I did, but I was shocked to find that the second time you face him is much easier.  You fly a plane against him in the rematch against him in outer space.  It’s still not an easy race to pull off, but it’s definitely much easier than your first encounter with the large pig.

So those are the five bosses that gave me a hard time when I played the N64 diligently so very long ago.  It felt like it was just yesterday when I was frustrated for being so close to defeating these bosses, only to be killed off at the end.  These bosses certainly bring you an epic battle if you’re looking for a challenge.  I’d highly recommend all of these games as they are some of my personal favorites on the console.

What I’d like to know is, what were your toughest boss battles while playing the N64?  Were there any bosses I missed that you thought should have been featured or mentioned on this list?  Please comment below and let me know what you think!  Also, don’t forget to share this piece with your friends! 




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