The 7 Biggest Unanswered Questions From The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Official Trailer

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April 27th cannot come soon enough. Marvel has unveiled an amazing trailer that gives us more on the story of what we can expect to see in this film. The Avengers have a tall task ahead of them as they face off against the mad titan named Thanos. However, the trailer also raises plenty of questions regarding certain scenes that take place. 

There’s much to speculate about so here are seven questions I have concerning the trailer.

1. What Happens To Loki?

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Of all the characters poised to bite it in this film, the mischievous mastermind that is Loki has the potential to become the first impactful character death in the MCU. Sure we had Wanda’s brother Pietro aka Quicksilver perish in Avengers: Age of Ultron but his death didn’t make a large impact on the team other than his sister. Loki’s death would devastate Thor. Thor is manhandled by Thanos in the trailer and one would assume this could be the cause of Loki getting executed in front of his own adopted brother.

The God of Thunder has already lost his mother and father, his hammer Mjolnir, and one of his own eyes. That’s not even to mention his best friends the Warriors Three who Hela disposed of in Thor: Ragnarok and all of the remaining Asgardians who will likely perish on the ship at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. It would be the final nail in the coffin for one of the strongest Avengers if Loki were to be murdered in plain sight.

2. Who Is Piloting The Hulkbuster Armor?

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Perhaps one of the greatest MCU sequences was Tony Stark taking on the Incredible Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Hulkbuster armor will make its grand return as shots from the trailer shows the Hulkbuster taking on Thano’s creatures at the countryside of Wakanda. With Tony Stark never to be seen at the nation of Wakanda, could someone else be piloting the armor instead?

Bruce Banner made it very clear in Thor: Ragnarok that he can’t afford to become Hulk any longer for fear of losing control of his own self. It’s possible that Stark constructed his suit with some upgrades that would allow Banner to take control of the armor to prevent him from becoming the Hulk. This would make sense since the suit could make it more challenging for Hulk to take over.

3. Does Steve And Tony Make Amends?

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The last time Tony and Steve spoke with one another was at the conclusion of the major battle in Captain America: Civil War. Since then, Tony has been mentoring a young Peter Parker and having his equipment moved from Stark Tower to a brand new Avengers facility. Cap on the other hand has been MIA and the next time we see him, he’ll be sporting a full beard.

It’s assumed that these two Avengers haven’t been in contact with one another for quite some time. However, Steve did leave Tony a cell phone in which to contact him in case of an emergency. With Thanos on the horizon, Tony will no doubt be reaching out to Steve for help. It’s unclear when these two will be meeting up together again since all of the clips that we’ve seen thus far have had both Avengers at different locations. Hopefully these two will make amends especially since they have business to take care of. The fate of the entire universe depends on it.

4. Where is Hawkeye And Ant-Man?

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Aside from other conversations I’ve had with people, this is the question that appears to be the most popular. Fans have been wondering where the heck is Hawkeye? For laughs, fans even had some fun by creating a poster that only includes Hawkeye and Thanos. Check it out below!

It’s somewhat understandable as to why Ant-Man has not been shown in the marketing material. Ant-Man has a sequel coming out in July and the film already has a trailer attached to it. On the other hand, Hawkeye hasn’t been seen in any of the marketing including the posters. While he’s certainly not one of the more popular Avengers, he did have his own poster in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. So it begs the question why he’s being left out.

There has been some on going speculation as to why this is. Though I have nothing to back this up, it’s very likely that his role in the film is more important than most people are led to believe. Perhaps Marvel doesn’t want to shed any light on the mission the team has in store for him. Maybe he’s out searching for the remaining Infinity Stone. Maybe he’s working together with Ant-Man on a secret mission. Or, maybe he’s out to find Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers.

Wherever Hawkeye is, I’m sure the Russo brothers are purposely keeping it a secret. We’ll just have to wait until the film finally comes out to have this questioned answered.

5. Where Is The Last Infinity Stone?

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Thus far, all of the Infinity Stones except for one of them has been revealed in the MCU. The lone Infinity Stone that has yet to be found is the Soul Stone. None of the trailers have shown Thanos helming all of the Stones in his Infinity Gauntlet, however that will likely change at the conclusion of this film.

There is a really good possibility that the final Infinity Stone is actually hidden in the heart of Wakanda. This makes perfect sense since the final battle of the movie will take place in Wakanda. We learn from the trailer that the team will be using Vision as bait since he is in possession of the Mind Stone. It doesn’t look like it will end well for this Avenger as we can expect Thanos and his Black Order to gain the upper edge. No matter where the location of this Stone is, the Avengers will certainly not go down without a fight to protect it.

6. Will Thanos Actually Snap His Fingers?

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After reading the 1990’s comic book storyline The Infinity Gauntlet, one would be led to believe that a powerful act of destruction could take place in Avengers: Infinity War. Well if Gamora is speaking the truth, then comic book fans are in for a treat. One of the most popular scenes from this popular comic book run is when Thanos creates global destruction with just the snap of his fingers:

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Thanos’s finger snap single-handedly destroyed nearly half the population instantaneously. Both humans and superheroes disappeared instantly along with massive tidal waves destroying major cities. With Gamora basically confirming this in the trailer, it’s very likely that we will be seeing a major catastrophic event take place. While it may not be the exact type of destruction from the comics, we can at least expect Thanos to make his presence known in the universe. And judging by these trailers, it won’t be good.

7. How Is Cap Holding Off Thanos?

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Captain America taking on Thanos is the clear money shot of the trailer. The real question here is how the hell is Captain America able to hold off this powerful giant? We know that Captain America is very strong having been infused with a Super Soldier Soldier Serum that has granted him strength, endurance, agility, and speed. However, with all of these traits it still does not make sense for Cap to go toe-to-toe with this mad titan.

There are a couple of factors that would allow Cap to fend off Thanos. One of the theories out there is that Thanos is just toying with him. He may not be using all his strength to take down this popular Avenger and is just savoring the moment. Another opinion I have heard is that Cap could also be in control of one of the Infinity Stones thus granting him the ability to fight Thanos. Either way, this ought to be one epic showdown between these two.

So those are all the questions I have regarding the latest Avengers: Infinity War trailer. What are some of the questions you’d like to have answered? Go ahead and sound off in the comment section below! 


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