5 Ways The Marvel Cinematic Universe Marketing Fooled Audiences

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Movie trailers have become the go-to of any marketing campaign for a film. Thanks to social media, trailers are much more prominent nowadays. When trailers hit the web, fans cannot stop talking about them. We have become so accustomed to trailers that many people will dissect frame-by-frame to catch the latest Easter eggs or even a big movie spoiler. Specifically, Marvel has even been known for spoiling crucial plot points in their marketing.  Continue reading

May The ‘Source’ Be With You? Why Jack Kirby Is The Actual Father Of Star Wars

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In the comic book world, Jack Kirby is a living legend. Co-creator of some of Marvel’s finest characters including Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Panther to name a few, Kirby hasn’t received the classification that he deserves. With Kirby’s death on February 6, 1994, Stan Lee has taken on the sole identity of the majority of characters that he helped create. ¬† Continue reading

Why Disney‚ÄĘPixar Has The Best Storytellers

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#Cars3¬†marks the 18th film collaboration between two of the greatest studios in the business today; Disney and Pixar. These two powerhouses all started with 1995’s¬†Toy Story¬† and they haven’t slowed down since. The #Disney and #Pixar brands have brought audiences some of the greatest animated films of all time. When they come together, they easily become a one-two punch and send audiences home from the theater with a big smile on their face.¬†¬†‚ÄĘ Continue reading

One Big Reason Why ‘The Mummy Returns’ Deserves A Second Chance

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The Universal monsters are coming back in a big way with the start of their own #DarkUniverse.¬†#TheMummy¬†(starring Tom Cruise/Annabelle Wallis) recently debuted with mixed reception from both critics and audiences. However, Universal doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon as they already have a slate of films lined up to continue their dark universe. ¬† Continue reading

One Of The Best Scenes In ‘Wonder Woman’ Was Completely Improvised

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Patty Jenkins has become the talk of the town, directing arguably the best DCEU film since Man of Steel. Wonder Woman has been such a massive success that Warner Bros. is already in negotiations with Jenkins to helm the sequel. Gal Gadot was perfectly cast as #WonderWoman that fans are clamoring to see her in action once again in this years #Justice League.  Continue reading

My Journey Inside ‘Pandora: The World of Avatar’

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James Cameron is well known for constructing a film or two. The man behind¬†Titanic, Aliens,¬†The Abyss,¬†and¬†the¬†Terminator¬†franchise, has also crafted a film called Avatar.¬†Though I’m not the biggest fan of¬†#Avatar, you can’t deny that the visuals are absolutely fantastic. Cameron always seems to break the barrier of cutting-edge technology and his use of it in¬†Avatar¬†is stunning to look at.

While the film was made roughly eight years ago, Cameron has since announced that he will be completing four more sequels (being released sometime between 2020-2025) in order to finish the story he started in the first movie.  Continue reading