Top 5 Spider-Man Villains That Would Look Amazing on the Big Screen

In my opinion, I believe that Spider-Man has probably the most destructive and coolest looking villains in comic book history.  Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Sandman are some of my personal favorites.  But which villains that have not been introduced into the Spider-Man universe would look great in a film? 

The villains who have already had their share of screen time include Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, Sandman, Electro, and the very disappointing Rhino and Venom.  I unfortunately had to include both Rhino and Venom as they have already been portrayed as villains in a film.  I thought the directors did an atrocious job with both characters but they had to sadly be removed from this list.

Now I understand that they are making a  Sinister Six  movie however, it is not officially confirmed what villains will be part of the core six.  The same goes with Carnage.  There will be a standalone Venom  movie sometime in 2016 however Carnage has not been proven to take place as the primary villain in the movie.  I made this list specifically on villains that have yet to be shown in a featured film.  With the updated technology we have today, I really believe that directors can give us really cool villains if used in the correct way.  So without further ado, here are my top 5 Spiderman villains who I believe would look amazing if introduced in a full length film.

  1. Chameleon

The Chameleon was actually Spider-Man’s first ever villain who was introduced in  The Amazing Spiderman  #1 comic book back in March of 1963.  Dmitri Smerdyakov also known as the Chameleon was born and raised in his home country of Russia.  He became a Soviet spy and was later given the title the “master of disguise.”  Initially, he relied on the use of makeup, costumes, as well as his acting skills.  He later rendered a special serum which allowed him to change his appearance at will without the use of any prosthetics and impersonate anyone he chooses.  In the TV show,  Spiderman the Animated Series,  the Chameleon harnessed a utility belt which allowed him to change into multiple types of people.  This enabled him to easily commit crimes by framing anyone he wanted particularly Spider-Man.  The Chameleon is a rather cunning villain but one that should not be easily overlooked.

  1. Scorpion


You can certainly blame J. Jonah Jameson for the likes of this super-powered villain.  Mac Gargan aka the Scorpion was turned into this menace because of J. Jonah Jameson’s personal hatred for Spider-Man.  Jameson had spoken with a scientist named Dr. Farley Stillwell who had told him that he had the power and technology to give animals characteristics of other animals.  Jameson thought that it may be possible to perform this technology on a human and make him more powerful than Spider-Man. Jameson bribed Stillwell by offering him lots of wealth.

In comes private investigator Mac Gargan who is persuaded to become Stillwell’s first human test subject.  Stillwell performed the experiment by fusing his body with a mechanical suit that resembles a Scorpion while also injecting him with animal like personalities.  Unfortunately, for Jameson and Mac Gargon, the experiment is a success.  However, this success leads to a loss of Gargan’s sanity and begins to go crazy terrorizing the citizens of New York City including the man who created him.  Jameson has helped construct a monster and Scorpion becomes one of Spiderman’s toughest villains yet.  With super-powered strength greater than Spider-Man’s, an armored suit, and a mechanized tail with brutal force that also allows him to project both a toxic fluid as well as electric energy blasts, the Scorpion is no doubt one of Spiderman’s most ruthless villains.

  1. Shocker


Perhaps one of Spider-Man’s not so popular villains, this guy however packs a mean punch (literally).  Herman Shultz, who initially was labeled a brilliant engineer and inventor, quickly became one of New York City’s most prevalent burglars.  Shultz developed these energy gauntlets that were used as a device to open safes by propelling powerful vibrations.  These air blasts were strong enough to bust through thick walls.  The costume he wears is heavily insulated which allows him to absorb the vibrations that are projected out of his pair of gauntlets.

For some odd reason, I have always enjoyed watching him fight Spider-Man time after time after time.  He has become one of my favorite Spider-Man villains of all time.  If SONY ever introduces this character in a film, they better do him justice!  I would be highly disappointed if he ever comes across as lame and corny as they made Rhino in  The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  He also became heavily involved with the Sinister Six.  He could be one of their options in the group for the movie, but I have my doubts.  I think Shocker would be a great addition to a lineup of villains in a Spider-Man film.   Hopefully, one day it will become a reality.

  1. Carnage

Yes, I know EVERYONE loves Carnage and why not?  The guy is truly Spider-Man’s ugliest, cruelest, and undeniably most fearsome villain he has to face.  Heck even Spider-Man asked Venom for his help to take this bad a— down.  Carnage truly is the face of evil.

Cletus Kasady was a brutal killer and was sent to prison for multiple murders he committed.  He also had a deeply disturbed past.  As a child he murdered his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs and attempted to kill his mother by throwing a TV into her bathtub.  Talk about one evil SOB!  Kasady became Carnage when a part of the alien symbiote from Venom escaped Eddie Brock and latched onto Kasady while in jail.  This allowed him to become stronger therefore enabling him to escape out of prison.  Carnage is very similar to Venom however he is in fact more powerful.  He can change his body structure at will such as changing his hands into sharp blades.  This allows him to slice and dice at will and his agility is vastly improved.

I really hope that if SONY does introduce this character in their  Venom  spin-off film, that they will stay as true to the comics as possible.  I want to see a true menace; one that will be tough to handle.  We don’t know if the rumors are true, but a  Venom vs Carnage  movie sounds like a movie that’s bound for success!  I’m positive that will get all Spider-Man fans (such as myself) very pumped up for the movie!

Before I get to my top pick, here are some Honorable Mentions:



Kraven the Hunter



  1. Hydro-Man


Finally, we get to my number one pick:  Hydro-Man!  This Spider-Man villain is made of well you guessed it, H2O!  Why does he grab my number one spot you may ask?  Here’s why:  Water is EVERYWHERE,  plain and simple.  Like Sandman, Hydro-Man can change his shape at will depending on how much sand, or in this case water there is in the area. Seeing how water is so abundant, Hydro-Man can easily gather more water any time he wishes.  He can never run dry (unless of course he somehow ends up in a desert!)  With powers such as merging with larger bodies of water, propelling liquid through his body like a fire hose, and can turn his body into both ice or steam and live to tell about it, is amazing in and of itself!

With today’s CGI technology, I believe that Hydro-Man would really look astounding if created in this manner.  Like Sandman before him, he would put up a tough fight against one of Marvel’s favorite heroes.  As disappointing as  Spider-Man 3  was, I thought director Sam Raimi crafted an amazing rendition of Sandman for his film.  Even Thomas Haden Church’s performance as Flint Marko/Sandman was well done for such a dissatisfying conclusion to Raimi’s trilogy.  If any director can come close to how they created Sandman, I cannot see how Hydro-Man would not look good in a film.  This is why I believe he earns my number one spot and deservedly so.

So what do you guys think?  What Spider-Man villain do you most want to see in a feature film?  Comment below and share your thoughts!


Source:  The Marvel Encyclopedia:  The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the Marvel Universe.    


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