Ever Go to a Movie Theater Without Knowing What You Want to See?

New study reveals roughly 70% of people are undecided what they want to see when they go to a movie theater!

In this day and age, movies are becoming more and more popular than ever no matter what the genre is:  “Drama, Comedy, Horror, Family, or Action.”  Some people go to the movies for various reasons whether it’s a date, hang out with friends, or simply  “escape from life.”  People also have other reasons including the food, atmosphere, or the simple enjoyment from watching a movie on the big screen.  I came across an interesting study that I thought I’d share with everyone.

As you all know movies are EXPENSIVE.  The average popcorn and drink at a movie cost roughly $10 or more!  Heck even the movie ticket itself is over $10!  So one person could be paying just by themselves over $20.  MOVIES ARE EXPENSIVE!  I can’t stress that enough and everyone knows it.  But you know what people still  GO TO THE MOVIES!  It is for this reason why a recent study baffles me that 70% of moviegoers don’t make up their mind before going to the movies.

Being such a movie aficionado as myself,  I ALWAYS  know what I am going to see before I leave my house to go to the movies.  Unlike some people,  I do the research.  No I don’t go crazy and read every single movie reviewer out there on their opinions on a movie,  BUT I do take into consideration if I read horrible reviews online.  I do enjoy reading people’s opinion on what they have to say about a particular movie.  I do not consider myself a “movie critic” per say, but I do like sharing my honest opinions on a movie. I try not to read too much into a movie and overlook what kind of message the film is trying to convey.

Anyways, back to what I was saying earlier, I am surprised to realize how many people don’t know what they want to see before going to the theater.  This trouble’s me especially considering how much a movie ticket and food is nowadays.  I do not want to waste my money on a film I KNOW is going to suck.  I want to be efficient with my money, and pay to go see movies that have a lot of positive feedback.  I also take into consideration what my friends, family, and coworkers have to say about certain films.  I am open to anyone’s opinion as long as they have good reasons why they HATED or ENJOYED the film.  This saves me time and money when taking all of these things into contemplation.

On that note, here are some of the things that I found interesting on the recent study:  “Of moviegoers who use video sites to look for more information about a film, 4 out of 5 go to YouTube;  The Official Movie Trailer influences their decision most 3x MORE than any other source;  39% who see the trailer, go watch the film, 11% because of the cast, and 8% from a friends opinion.”  It is also interesting to find that for particular genres, people focus on different aspects of the films.  For instance,  “Dramas = people cared more about the plot;  Comedies = people cared more about the cast;  Horror = people cared more about convenient showtimes;  Family = people cared more about positive reviews;  and Action = people cared more about who the director was for the film.”  These are just some of the facts that are posted on this website.  The link to the infographic where I obtained this information is also there.    https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/infographics/behind-the-box-office.html.

So what do you guys think?  What do you look for in a movie before going to see it?  Are you at all surprised that approximately 70% of people are unsure of what they want to see shortly after they enter the movie theater?  Comment below and share your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Ever Go to a Movie Theater Without Knowing What You Want to See?

  1. This is a pretty interesting article I’d say that most of the time I know exactly what I am going to see however. That doesn’t mean I don’t show up to theaters totally decided on one film. I never feel like it’s a waste either way because it’s an experience.


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