10 Most Powerful Shots From The ‘Rogue One’ Trailer

Rogue One A Star Wars Story Trailer 3 Cassion and Jyn in disguise 44 Stills From Rogue One: A Star Wars Storys Latest Trailer

The anticipation and marketing for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has grown exponentially. The final trailer has just been released and fans around the world can now view this absolutely incredible and visually stunning trailer. If you haven’t yet done so, please do because it’s certainly the best trailer Disney has put out thus far for Rogue One.  Watch it below!

This is arguably one of the best trailers of the year. The trailer gives you just enough information to the story without actually spoiling anything that will happen during the movie. The film looks absolutely incredible and doesn’t look to disappoint as it will be the first of many Star Wars spin-off films.

There are a lot of amazing visuals in this trailer. If you still haven’t gotten the “war” vibe after viewing this trailer, then you have issues. Director Gareth Edwards appears to have delivered on his promise of a war film told in a Star Wars storyline. There are multiple action shots taken during the trailer, however in this article I do not want to focus on any of the action shots but rather what we learned about the actual story and most importantly the characters.

Every shot was handled with care when this trailer was in the works. Many of the shots give us a great deal about the characters and the storyline involved in the film. I chose to dissect ten different shots from the trailer and explain the significance to them and why they affected me emotionally while watching this trailer.

1. Jyn Erso And Her Father Galen

Why it’s significant: 

Watching any parent say goodbye to their daughter or son is never something that anyone wants to have to go through. However, in this trailer, Galen is seen being taken captive by Director Orson Krennic and must leave his daughter behind. You can’t help by feel sorry for a young Jyn Erso after her father mentions that he’s doing everything he can to keep her safe. It’s gut-wrenching when we hear her respond with “I understand.”

2. The Fallen Jedi

Why it’s significant: 

Most of you may not have picked up on this right away, but that isn’t no ordinary rock structure. That assemble of rocks appears to form a Jedi laying in the sand. It appears that this structure takes place on the planet Jedha which was a place once inhabited by the Jedi and is now being overrun by the Empire. The symbolism here cannot be overstated as the “fallen Jedi” rocks seems to represent all of the Jedi who have died years earlier during Order 66. It’s a great homage to the past to the Jedi who were slaughtered and who were once around spreading peace throughout the galaxy.

3. Krennic And Galen Meet Again

Why it’s significant:

Thus far, we aren’t really sure what happened during their first encounter, but this shot appears to be one that shows that these two characters haven’t met in quite some time. Galen looks surprised to find Director Krennic front and center here, not knowing what his fate may soon become. We learn in the trailer that Galen is the one who helped create the Death Star but by what means is he forced to craft this battle station who’s power according to Krennic is “immeasureable.”

4. The Death Star Over The Horizon

Why it’s significant: 

Every shot of the Death Star in all of these trailers has given me chills, but this one takes the cake. The Death Star is seen here looming over some clouds, eventually coming into contact with whatever it’s heading towards. How would you feel if you were standing outside and you saw this massive battle station hovering over the clouds becoming bigger and bigger until you realize that this thing is absolutely huge? Well, I sure would be terrified, and that’s why this shot is subtle, yet chilling at the same time.

5. Director Krennic Speaking To Vader

Why it’s significant: 

What character from A New Hope does this shot remind you of? If you answered with Grand Moff Tarkin, then you would be right. We don’t know much about Krennic other than he and Jyn’s father have a history together. However, this shot makes it clear that Vader doesn’t just listen to Tarkin and the Emperor but Krennic too.

We’ll know much more about Krennic’s backstory when James Luceno’s new book Star Wars Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel is released roughly one month before Rogue One debuts in theaters. This novel should give us more of a backstory to Krennic’s character and is significance to the Galactic Empire.

6. Imperials Gazing At An Unknown Planet

Why it’s significant: 

I may be reading too much into this one shot, I feel as though this is the most impactful shot of the entire trailer and here’s why. If you’ve ever read the Claudia Grey novel Lost Stars, you will know that this was a story involving those who worked for the Empire and learning how evil the Empire truly was. The men and women in the novel grew up believing that it was the right thing to do to enlist in the Galactic Empire, but behind the curtain it was nothing but pure evil. Those who made it into the Galactic Empire were rewarded for their hard work and were informed that they were making the galaxy a better place.

I don’t know about you, but this shot makes me want to believe that these men shown here are actually questioning the validity of the Empire. If this battle station they are on is as powerful as people say it is, then they may be feeling a sign of regret. They may not fully understand the weapon they are currently working on, but they will soon find out when a certain planet is obliterated in A New Hope. The guilt of destroying an entire civilization cannot be easy to overcome. 

7. AT-ST In Close Quarters

Why it’s significant:

The only action shot I chose from the trailer is this one and for good reason. Not only are we going to see AT-AT’s once again in action, but we also get to see AT-ST’s in combat as well. The AT-ST’s were primarily used in the Battle on Endor against the Ewoks. Now, we get to see at least one front and center once again in an unknown city.

The reason I chose this as one of the ten most powerful shots from this trailer, is because it shows the strength and might of the Galactic Empire. They could have just simply sent in a tank like vehicle which we saw in one of the behind the scenes featurettes. Or they could have just sent in a massive army of Stormtroopers. But no, the Empire always goes out in full-force and has chosen to send in a AT-ST walker to wreck some sh*t up.

This goes to show that the Empire isn’t messing around and will do and utilize anything that will accomplish their mission, even if that means setting the place ablaze and killing innocent civilians along the way.

8. Saw Gerrera’s Battle History

Why it’s significant: 

Though I don’t know much about Forest Whitaker’s character, his appearance tells us a great deal. Clearly, this man has been through a whole lot which explains why he’s missing most of his body parts including an arm and a leg. Not to mention the breathing apparatus that you can see that’s attached to his chest. This character has been through many battles and looks to have one last breath in him. That’s what makes this shot so important is that even though this man is nearly on his death bed, he will still fight for what’s right even if that means giving his own life for the sake of others.

9. A Soldier In Battle

Why it’s significant: 

Actor Riz Ahmed plays one of many Rebel soldiers in Rogue One. We haven’t received a lot of dialogue or story elements to this character but we don’t have to. This one shot gives us what we need to know in a nutshell. This man is sacrificing everything he has to succeed in this mission, knowing he may not make it out alive. The shot gives us a great balance of emotion and the meaning of war. Though seen only for a split second, he is neary shot in the back were it not for the boxes he’s hiding behind as a bullet is seen ricochetting off of them.

This shot also reminds me of many scenes where soldiers are feeling the affects of war, specifically those soldiers who starred in Saving Private Ryan. Tom Hank’s character experienced shell shock and was seen panting throughout the entire film. War takes a huge toll on those involved, especially ones who are in the heat of battle. Riz Ahmed’s character is no different.


10. Vader Walking Towards Krennic 

Why it’s significant: 

Finally we receive a full shot of Vader! What’s not to love here? But seriously, this shot though quick, gives us just enough Vader to let fans know that he will play a prominent role in Rogue One. His role will be brief, but will be extremely significant to the story. After all, this film will end roughly ten minutes before the events of A New Hope, and Vader is certainly not happy once he intercepts the Rebel Tantive IV.

This one shot shows us Vader walking towards Krennic looking rather angry. Could this be Krennic’s demise after a failed mission? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Final Thoughts On The Trailer

There is a lot riding on this film, especially coming off the huge box office success of The Force Awakens. Disney is aware that this film won’t make The Force Awakens numbers, but Rogue One should still be a very profitable movie. The cinematography, story, and the characters look incredible and appears to be yet another memorable Star Wars tale that’s sure to go down as one of the greats.

What shot did you feel was significant in the trailer? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 




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