Top 5 ‘Star Wars’ Rebel Alliance Fighters From the Original Trilogy

When you think of  Star Wars  what immediately comes to mind?  The Empire, the Rebels, the fighters, or even the characters right?  However what I truly enjoy most about  Star Wars  is not just the characters but everything else that was designed by the brilliant George Lucas.  Without Lucas, there would be no starfighters.  Without Lucas, there would be no Tatooine.  Without Lucas, there would be no Sith or Jedi.  Without Lucas there would be no Death Star!  Star Wars  has become a part of our lives in many unique ways.  Directors have taken (or stolen) ideas from Lucas to create their own space themed universe.  However, what I remember mostly about the  Star Wars  films is the space battles that took place in the original trilogy.  

When you think of the space battles which scene immediately stands out among the rest?  For me, it’s the Death Star Trench Run.  From the very first film (Episode IV), Lucas captured that space action adventure amazingly as the Rebels were able to conquer the Empire and destroy the Death Star and again later in the final film.  The starfighter’s that were introduced in the original films were designed in very cool and exclusive ways.  I have continued to appreciate the  Star Wars  films now more than ever before.  I wish to discuss with you my ranking of the “Top 5  Star Wars  Rebel Alliance Fighters From the Original Trilogy.”

5.  B-Wing Fighter

This Rebel craft may be the most bizarre looking of all the starfighter’s, but that does not mean it can’t pack a punch.  The ship holds a cylindrical cockpit which keeps the pilot level with the ship while the main engine is located at the very center.  The pilot can maneuver any which way, and the cockpit will maintain horizontally with the ship while keeping the pilot in an upright position.  The B-Wing has three laser canons attached to it along with ion cannons and proton torpedoes.  This ship can only be seen in  Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.  However these ships have been featured in the Star Wars Expanded Universe  such as books, comics, and video games.

4.  T-47 Airspeeder 

Like the B-Wings, the T-47 Airspeeders (usually known as the Snowspeeders) were only featured in one film, but man did they make their presence felt.  They feature magnetic harpoons and tow cables which were mainly handled to control repulsorlift cargo modules.  They were initially utilized for cargo handling but were instead modified as weapons for the Rebel Alliance at the Battle of Hoth. These ships are famously known for their tow cables to “Go for the legs” of the AT-AT walkers in order to trip and cripple them in battle.  The Snowspeeders are equipped with two cockpits; one for the pilot and the other for the rear-seated gunner.  The Snowspeeders also have two laser cannons attached to the outside of the vessels.  You can find these sleek crafts in  Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.  

3.  Y-Wing Fighter

One of the original starfighters, the Y-Wing has been a huge workhorse for the Rebel Alliance.  Even though it’s considered to be the slowest moving ship, it does however make up for its weapons.  The Y-Wings are primarily used for bombing runs as they carry hefty bombs used for decimating capital ships and other ground targets.  The Y-Wing also has duel ion cannons attached to the front for that extra offensive force.  The Y-WIngs have been used in two of the original films (Episode IV and Episode VI although Episode V showed them briefly at the very end).  A very important vessel for the Rebel Alliance, these ships have proven time and time again to be very valuable when called upon.

2.  A-Wing Fighter

The A-Wing fighter is the fastest ship the Rebel Alliance has to offer.  It is even faster than the Empire’s TIE Interceptor.  What it lacks in protection, it makes up for it with its speed.  The A-Wing was used heavily in the Battle of Endor in  Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.  The A-Wings sport dual laser cannons on each side of its wings while also having double engines.  This ship was a later addition for the Rebel Alliance, but it most certainly got the job done when flown.  This is my second favorite ship that the Rebel Alliance has in their arsenal.  I think you should know by now what my number one choice will be.

1.  X-Wing Fighter

Yes, the one the Rebel Alliance is most famous for!  The X-Wing Fighter truly defines who the Rebels are and the firepower they possess.  The X-Wing fighter’s weapons include four laser cannons along with two proton torpedo launchers.  While they may not be as fast as the A-Wing or as slow as the Y-Wing, the X-Wing however is the complete package and the perfect balance between the two.  It is the most complete fighter the Rebel Alliance has at their headquarters.  Luke Skywalker is famous for piloting this craft in all three original films and for good reason.  An astromech droid is also usually attached to this ship mainly used as a co-pilot and a form of communication for the pilot.  R2-D2 was famous for assisting Luke in each of his adventures when piloting his X-Wing.  The X-Wing will forever go down as the go-to ship for the Rebels and I look forward to seeing the way they will be handled in the next  Star Wars  film.  We have already seen some photos of the newer looking X-Wings as they feature a blueish color distinguishing them from the red color we’ve come to see them as.

So those are my five favorite Rebel Alliance fighters ranked in order from my least favorite, to my all time favorite.  What did you think of my list?  Were there any ships I may have left out that were YOUR personal favorite?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!

Sources: and Star Wars Wookieepedia.


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