Star Wars Fans Rejoice! A Live Action TV Show Is Coming From A Galaxy Far Far Away

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Massive Star Wars news has just dropped as it was recently announced that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will be developing a brand new Star Wars trilogy that will stray away from the Skywalker saga. But that’s not the only major Star Wars news to drop today.

Thanks to a report from Variety, #Disney CEO Bob Iger has also announced that their upcoming streaming service will not only include the #StarWars movies and cartoon shows but will also include a live-action television series!

A Star Wars Television Series Coming To a Home Near You

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Credit: Gamespot

You heard that right Star Wars fans, Disney is developing a live-action series that will only be available on their streaming service. While its not clear as to what the show will ultimately be about, we can at least all get excited for what’s to come. Thus far, Star Wars has had only cartoon series including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Lego Star Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, and their brand new series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

Iger also made it very clear that Disney plans to develop four to five original movies each year in addition to the other announced television series. Iger also spoke of the price fans can expect each month as Netflix will likely have more content at least for now:

“The service will be substantially below Netflix’s $10.99 a month because the service will have less content overall. The price will reflect that. Our goal is to attract as many subs as possible starting out.”

The Star Wars Universe Continues To Grow

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Credit: Comic Vine

The live-action television series will certainly add to a multitude of Star Wars lore that will continue to grow for generations to come. It’s an element that is at least worth trying. Star Wars has already expanded its universe through the movies, novels, video games, and television shows. This upcoming live-action series should be an interesting take on the Star Wars universe.

While the Marvel shows do not need a massive budget, Star Wars however is a different animal consisting of large ships, lightsaber battles, as well as ground and space battles. The use of CGI and makeup will also be of utmost importance as fans will certainly not want to see half-assed job on a brand like Star Wars. We’ve already seen the rushed and cheap attempt on Marvel’s Inhumans. We definitely do not want this to happen to a Star Wars show.

The streaming service is set to launch sometime during late 2019.

What are all your thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars live-action television series? Are you excited for the announcement? Go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: Variety


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