5 Best Moments In ‘IT’ That Doesn’t Involve Pennywise

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The Loser’s Club are at it again in this book to film adaptation based on Steven King’s novel IT. The film dives deep into the ultimate fears of children  who are haunted by a demonic entity every 27 years. It has once again woken from his slumber and this time the Loser’s Club are all on the menu. 

Andy Muschietti (Mama) has crafted a wonderful and intense story about a group of adolescents who have to learn to fight back their fears. But once they realize we’re IT is coming from, the group must band together to take down this creature. This film is a work of art with multiple jump scares and terrifying moments.

However, there is also plenty of character development and fun interactions between each of these kids. Yes the moments with #Pennywisetheclown is frightening, but it’s the other scenes that truly make this film a horror masterpiece. In no particular order, here are 5 scenes that are great even without Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise.

1. Georgie And His Big Brother Bill


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Though this scene takes place at the very beginning of the film, the interaction between Bill and his younger brother Georgie immediately sets the tone of the movie going forward. The film opens with Bill helping Georgie make a sailboat out of his own notebook. Named the S.S. Georgie, Bill tells him to let it set sail as audiences are aware as to what is about to happen next. This brief scene is imperative and shows how much the brothers care and love one another especially once Georgie is eventually taken by Pennywise.

2. Bill And His Father


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While there wasn’t a ton of interactions with the kids and their parents (some more than others), there was a brief moment where we find Bill showing his dad a model of the sewers that he had recreated. His father becomes highly upset that his son had been using his stuff to make this model. Instead of forgetting about the situation, Bill is doing his due diligence hoping and praying that his little brother may still be alive out there somewhere.

Bill’s father clearly wants to forget about the whole situation and move on. This scene again shows that Bill misses his brother and that there may be a slight chance he may still be alive, even if everyone else doesn’t think so.

3. Eddie Kisses His Mother Goodbye


Ah the sweet motherly kiss. As Eddie is about to leave his house to go off on an adventure with his friends, Eddie’s mother immediately calls out his name. You know where this is going. After Eddie rolls his eyes, he walks right over to his mother sitting on the couch as she awaits for a goodbye kiss. Eddie has no choice but to plant a sweet and gentle kiss on his mother.

It’s a quick and sweet moment but what tops this scene off is the reaction Richie gives. After Eddie kisses his mother, Richie asks if he too can give her a goodbye kiss. It’s a jokingly fun scene that adds more dynamic between these characters.

4. The Loser’s Club Jump In The Lake


This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire film. As the boys are hesitating on the edge of a cliff to jump in, the only girl (Beverly) makes the first move. The kids are then seen having so much fun interacting with each other playing Chicken fights in the lake.

Perhaps the best part of this whole scene, is shortly after when everyone is out of the pool. Beverly is seen tanning on the ground as the boys are stunned seeing a woman almost in the nude. This scene shows the puberty of these children and makes for a very humorous scene when the kids are caught staring at her.

5. Rock Throwing Scene Against The Bullies


Henry Bowers and the unified group of bullies is seen going after Mike who nearly beat him to death. The Loser’s Club see what’s happening and intervenes by starting a rock throwing fight. The bullies are seen pulverized by the rocks thrown at them and retreat away from the fight.

This scene is crucial moving forward because it’s the very first time we see the Loser’s Club work together to take out their enemy. The scene is a good test for this group of kids especially since they will have to go up against a greater threat in Pennywise the Clown.

So those are my choices for the best scenes from the movie IT that doesn’t involve the main villain. What were your favorite scenes that excluded Pennywise? Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comment section below! 



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