Director Ron Howard Shares New R2 Unit From The ‘Han Solo’ Set

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Oscar winner Ron Howard has taken control of directing duties over the currently untitled Han Solo film ever since Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the project. After the departing duo had been fired, fans have been wondering if the film would ever finish and meet its May 25th release date. Thankfully, Howard has kept us up up-to-date on what’s been going on. If his Twitter account is to be believed, everything appears find and the situation is normal. 

The New R2 Unit 

#RonHoward’s latest Tweet comes directly from the set giving us a hint that more droids are about to enter the #StarWars universe. Take a gander at his Tweet below:

I really enjoy Howard’s message below the pic. He’s clearly poking fun at the fact that the droids aren’t easy to handle. As we all know from Star Wars, droids have played a pivotal role and are no strangers to Star Wars fans. From C-3PO to R2-D2 to the new fan-favorite BB-8, droids have become a staple in Star Wars lore.

Does His Tweet Have More Meaning Behind it?

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What I enjoy most from this picture is that Howard looks to be having the time of his life. It’s great seeing Howard interacting with the unnamed R2 unit.

The line shortly after is much more reminiscent of what’s happening during production at this time. Certainly Howard is marketing the gold and white colored droid, but I believe the line “But we’ll go until we get it right” has more meaning behind it. Howard is doing his due diligence to craft whatever he can that was left over from Lord and Miller to make a fantastic Star Wars film.

Multiple reports have claimed that they are still using a lot of footage left over from Lord and Miller. While this may be the case, Howard is now in the driver’s seat and will be the deciding factor as to what goes and what stays. There’s still plenty of time to ride the ship and so far, things appear to be headed in the right direction.

Are you still on board for the Han Solo film? What do you think of the new astromech droid? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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