Why Steppenwolf Might Be One Of DCEU’s Great Villains

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The Justice League featuring the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash have a lot to prove as this will be the very first time we’ve ever seen this superhero team on the big screen. The stakes are raised as an army of Parademons have invaded Earth and are here to wreck some havoc. Reigning from the planet Apokolips, the Parademons aren’t the only one’s they have to worry about. Darkseid has sent one of his own trusted generals to retrieve what had been lost; the Mother Boxes. 

#Steppenwolf is a New God and hails from the planet Apokolips. Clearly, he’s the new big-bad for this #DCEU. Those who have seen the trailer that was released at this years San Diego Comic-Con know that the #JusticeLeague are in for a heap of trouble. Pay special attention to the main villain. Though his scenes are short, they prove that this is a very formidable foe:

Steppenwolf Has Destroyed Other Civilizations Before


“This world will fall. Like all the others.”

The trailer gives us a great introduction to what we can expect out of this villain. Voiced by #CiaránHinds (Game of Thrones), Steppenwolf’s motivations are pretty clear; destroy everything and take over.

The first words out of his mouth are; “No protectors here.” Whether he’s aware of the #JusticeLeague or not, he doesn’t anticipate anyone to stand in his way. The trailer also makes it known that he’s familiar with the Green Lantern Corps and may or may not have destroyed them all. Steppenwolf also declares his knowledge of Krypton, when he states that there isn’t a Kryptonian here who can stop him. It’s very possible that he’s well aware of Superman’s existence in the universe, but he also may know of his death too.

Either way, Steppenwolf has clearly been in many battles around the universe. He cannot be reasoned with and won’t back down without a fight. It’s now up to the Justice League to stop him.

Steppenwolf Has A Reason To Invade Earth


Sure Steppenwolf may just want to conquer planets around the galaxy, but he actually has a legit reason for being here; to retrieve the lost Mother Boxes. Somehow, three of them have found their way to Earth. Without going into too much detail, the Mother Boxes are objects that are capable of doing a variety of things such as controlling the mental state of its host, create powerful shock blasts, and even change the molecular structure of just about anything.

We also notice in the trailer that it can be used as a portal which can open and close boom tubes. The footage shows Steppenwolf’s arrival to Themyscira through a boom tube which linked directly to that Mother Box sitting on the pillar. Those Amazonians are now in for a major battle.

Having fused together with one of the Mother Boxes, Cyborg is one of Steppenwolf’s targets. Like Vision from the #MCU, Cyborg has something the villain wants. To pry it from him, Steppenwolf will have to go through the entire Justice League to get what he’s come for which leads me to my next and final point…

Steppenwolf Will Go Toe-To-Toe With The Justice League


As I mentioned in my previous article, Steppenwolf sort of reminds me a bit of Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The artificial-intelligence that Tony Stark created never shied away from fighting the Avengers in one-on-one battles. He took on Captain America, Thor, Tony Stark, and Vision all at different times in the movie. Steppenwolf looks to do the same thing.

The trailer gives us a few quick shots of Steppenwolf taking on Wonder Woman, Batman in one of his vehicles, and an underwater fight against the King of Atlantis. Though Ultron used his heat ray and metallic fists, Steppenwolf will be utilizing his trusty battle axe.

The footage shows us many scenes with Steppenwolf using his weapon to fight one of the Justice League members. He takes quite a few swipes at Wonder Woman while also throwing his axe at Aquaman and narrowly missing him. Another scene also shows him creating a gigantic earthquake which wreaks major destruction around him. Let’s just hope a certain Kryptonian eventually shows up to save the day.

Steppenwolf Will Shine In ‘Justice League’


So far, the only memorable villain the DCEU has had so far was General Zod from #ManofSteel. Doomsday, Lex Luthor, and even Ares were quite forgettable. Steppenwolf will look to change that as he’s a villain on a mission with plenty of war experience. The Justice League better be ready for a fight when he arrives.

The first ever Justice League looks to be a massive hit when it lands in theaters on November 17th.

But what do you think? Are you excited for Steppenwolf’s introduction to the DCEU? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!






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