‘IT’: Why Bill Skarsgård’s Dead-Serious Pennywise Will Make Tim Curry’s Look Like A Clown

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“I worked really hard to create my own interpretation of the Stephen King character.” -Bill Skarsgård

Director Andy Muschietti’s remake of a classic television miniseries from the 90s has come full circle as a brand new terrifying trailer for IT has just hit the web. For those who may have not officially been on board, can rest assured that this appears to be the real deal. The trailer has everything you’d want and more in a horror film. Check it out below:

Once played by the brilliant #TimCurry in the original television series, Bill Skarsgård is now the clown in charge as he gives us a new scarier rendition of #Pennywise the Clown. Skarsgård isn’t an actor that many people are as familiar with. However if his performance in these trailers are anything to go by, then we are in for a real treat.

The Swedish actor looks to bring us a break-out role while re-creating a creature that has been ingrained in the minds of many. Speaking with Bloody-Disgusting, Skarsgård opened up about giving us his own take on this exemplary character.

Skarsgård Used Steven King’s Source Material As Inspiration


Reading Steven King’s best selling novel was surely a great stepping point to getting this character right. Skarsgård said the following:

“I read the book and I took a lot of notes on anything that describes Pennywise in any way, or describes ‘It’ in any way, so and there’s a lot of like great chapters, where ‘It,’ like the entity, is the narrator. You hear his thoughts and what he thinks and all these things, and so there was this huge source material to go from, like, ‘Oh, what is this saying, why is he here, what does he think like, what does he like, what doesn’t he like?’ — I could use all of those things to come up with my own interpretation and my own version of what ‘It’ is, and then also what Pennywise is in terms of his embodiment.”

Sure the script in and of itself is an important piece to study. But you can’t deny that the original source material should be the inspiration for Skarsgård. I myself have never had the chance to read the extensive novel, but hearing everything that’s incorporated into the novel makes me very excited to see the pages come to life. Enabling himself to portray this evil entity is what makes his performance compelling. The trailer gives us just enough of Skarsgård’s acting ability to know that this ‘clown’ isn’t playing around.

Getting Into The Mind Of Pennywise  GIF

Skarsgård continued giving audiences a taste of what we can expect out of his portrayal of Pennywise:

“Essentially, what you end up seeing in the film is my own deepest fears. Ultimately, it’s essentially, what’s the most weird and disturbing thing that we could come up with, and it was important for me that there was something absurd about the character, that there was something just like, inexplicable, like why is he sounding like that? Why is he doing this? It’s that kind of unpredictable absurdity to the character that will catch people off guard, this kind of shock factor of like, you will never know what this guy is gonna do next. You have no idea what he’ll do, or how he will do it, and there’s no way of kind of predicting his behavior.”

The ‘unpredictability’ from Pennywise is what I’m looking forward to the most out of this film. Sure jump scares are great and all, but I want to be surprised when I’m sitting in that theater watching this movie. Not knowing what’s about to happen is one of the better qualities in any horror film. Fans should be shocked when they go into a movie like this.

This isn’t a Michael Myers or a Jason Voorhee’s type of horror character. I’d compare Pennywise more towards Freddy Krueger. Freddy had more unpredictable kills than many of the other classic slasher villains simply because his kills were very creative. This was a monster who could go inside one’s dreams and deliver a killing blow to a characters deepest fear. As Skarsgård puts in, “weird and disturbing” is exactly the type of creature #IT truly is.

It’ll Take Multiple Viewings To Understand Skarsgård’s Pennywise 


If there’s one thing the actor wants audiences to take away from his performance, it’s that it may require multiple viewings to fully understand everything he was trying to convey on-screen:

“I hope that there’s a lot of those little things that if people watch the film a couple of times, they’ll see and kind of read into and understand my Pennywise more and more each time they watch it.”

In other words, Skarsgård really put a lot of time and effort into his acting chops and wants audiences to embrace all of his hard work. If the trailers and clips are anything to go by, I’d say Skarsgård knocked it out of the park.

This Pennywise Will Be The Most Frightening Clown Ever Put To Screen


“Here, take it.” -Pennywise

In all of the marketing thus far, Skarsgård has said very few words. This is a great thing as Pennywise’s mere presence is enough to terrify viewers. The trailers have given us very brief glimpses of this creature but that’s really all the marketing team has to do. We’re already sold on an #IT remake and the trailers have done a good enough job to sell that.

A film like Steven Spielberg’s Jaws didn’t need to show the shark to sell the movie. The music from master composer John Williams is just enough for audiences to realize that there’s something lurking in the water waiting to feed. Pennywise should be no different as the music in this trailer is scary enough and is one of the reason’s I’m sold on this film.

Not seeing Pennywise isn’t a detriment to the film at all. In fact, the film appears to be more of a character piece than anything else. The Losers Club who’s the central focus of the film, is sufficient enough to have me root for these poor kids who have to battle this evil entity. I just hope that these kids have done their homework before combating this malicious creature.

It will scare viewers in their seats on September 8.

Are you excited to see It? What feature are you most excited to see from Skargård’s performance? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Source: Bloody-Disgusting.com


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