Why Vulture Is One of The Best MCU Villains

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Major SPOILERS from Spider-Man: Homecoming follow…

#SpiderManHomecoming is the sixth big-screen adaptation for our favorite wall-crawler. After his break-through debut in #CaptainAmericaCivilWar, Tom Holland continues to impress as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in his first solo outing. Peter is faced with his first test as he has to battle a slew of villains including the fearsome Vulture. The Vulture brings a lot to the table as Michael Keaton brings a committed performance to arguably one of Marvel’s best MCU villains.

It appears as though Marvel may be turning the tide. The #MarvelCinematicUniverse has come a long way giving us many forgettable villains including Whiplash, Malekith, Ronan the Accuser, Darren Cross, and the Mandarin. However, Marvel has proven that they can offer us some strong performances by villains such as the Red Skull, Loki, and most recently Ego the Living Planet. Adrian Toomes now joins a short list of well-developed movie villains and here are a few reasons why…

He Creates His Own Business With ‘Damage Control’ 

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The opening scene in the movie takes audiences back to the left over debris after the massive battle that had taken place in New York City. The Chitauri invasion had finally been halted but someone has to help clean up the city. In comes Adrian Toomes and his clean-up crew named #DamageControl to save the day. Or so he thought…

As Toomes is preparing to clean-up the mess left over by the Avengers, Tony Stark’s representatives want to shut his business down and take over. Toomes makes it known that he started this business many years ago and feels unappreciated for his hard work. It doesn’t seem right for his business to be shut down. After all, he’s just a hard-working American running a successful business. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have many options and is forced to close shop.

He Has A Grudge Against Stark Industries

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Thanks to Tony Stark, Damage Control is no more. Toomes must now take matters into his own hands and does so by salvaging the technology that was found left over from the Chitauri invasion. Toomes looks to sell this tech on the black market but eventually finds an even better purpose for it by creating destructive weapons. These weapons are then used to steal money from banks and other locations. Toomes even creates himself some nice armor which resembles a giant Vulture suit.

The end of the movie shows him going after more Stark technology, however #PeterParker has other ideas. Spider-Man proves he’s up to the task by confronting him one last time and takes care of business.

He Has A Family

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One major aspect that makes Keaton’s Vulture one of Marvel’s better villains is his connection to Peter’s high school crush Liz. The scene was set up extremely well. As Peter is ready to introduce himself to Liz’s family, Toomes is the one who answers the door. In utter disbelief, Peter immediately realizes that he is the one he’s been battling all along. It was such a shock to audiences when everyone found out that Toomes was actually Liz’s father.

When a villain has ties to his own family, it makes the villain that much more relatable. Though Toomes might be doing some work on the black market and stealing some valuables for profit, Toomes has a heart and that involves taking care of his family.

He Doesn’t Die

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This may not seem like a big deal, but as far as the entire MCU is concerned this is a pretty big deal. As touched on earlier, Marvel doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to memorable villains. Part of the reason is that they don’t keep them around long enough to further develop them.

Vulture is a different animal (or bird) here, as the conclusion of the film shows Spider-Man saving Toomes out of the rubble of the crashed plane. This is crucial as keeping him around may lead to one of the best villain team-ups in comic book history; the Sinister Six.

He Won’t Reveal Peter’s Identity

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Peter could have easily given his identity away to the large press that had been impatiently waiting at the new Avengers headquarters, but chose not to. The same thing goes for Adrian Toomes at the conclusion of the film.

In the first end credit scene, we see Toomes walking around in a prison as he meets up with a man named Mac Gargan. Gargan as comic book fans know eventually becomes one of Spider-Man’s fearless foes named the Scorpion. Even if you didn’t recognize the name, his scorpion tattoo should have given this away.

When confronted by Gargan as to the real identity of Spider-Man, Toomes refuses to acknowledge that he knows who it is. Toomes states; “If I knew who he was, he’d already be dead.” Fans have speculated whether he’s doing this out of sheer respect for the character, or because he wants to enact his own revenge against the wall-crawler.

Either way, Toomes could have certainly told every criminal in New York but he chose not to (at least for now). Toomes already thanked Peter for saving his daughter Liz and Peter even saves his life at the very end. It’s hard to say what Toomes’s plan truly is but it looks as though the wheels are turning for a future team-up of the Sinister Six.

Do you agree that Vulture should be labeled as one of the best MCU villains to date? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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