7 Horror Moments In Superhero Films

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Superhero films are known for their over-the-top action, love interests, and comic book elements (some more than others). Whether they’re filled with comedy or crazy one-liners, superhero films are their own genre. However, there are certain scenes which tend to catch audiences off-guard.

By this I mean that there may be scenes that completely take audiences by surprise. Sometimes it may feel like we are watching an entirely different movie. These particular scenes in this list are very intense and may frighten young children in a film that is more or less for adults and children. In no particular order, here are seven horror moments in superhero films.

1. Oscorp Board Members Killed By Green Goblin (Spider-Man)

Director Sam Raimi kicks off the list with a scene involving the fate of the Oscorp board members. Norman Osborn who started the company was recently let go by the board. To exact his revenge, Norman begins to reign terror on the citizens of New York while in the middle of a venue. As the Green Goblin, Norman throws a couple of his pumpkin bombs, only this time they’re not actually bombs. Instead, these “bombs” incinerate people immediately as the board members die a quick yet horrible death. Lesson number one, never fire the man who jump starts a successful company.

2. Doctor Octopus Hospital Scene (Spider-Man 2)

Raimi may have had a brief but scary scene in his first Spider-Man movie, but it’s his follow-up that has in my opinion one of the most terrifying scenes in all superhero films. This scene came out of nowhere. One minute we see Spider-Man facing off against one of his most powerful villains, the next we see what certainly feels like a scene straight out of a horror movie. After all, horror is Raimi’s forte.

This scene is masterfully directed as Raimi injects some stand out horror elements. While there is no blood, the scene is terrifying to watch as Dr. Otto Octavius’s mechanical arms begin to kill each and every one of people in the operating room.

3. Joker’s Handshake (Batman)

The funniest on-screen Joker we’ve ever had, Nicholson gives audiences one of the funniest death scenes in the film. As the meeting is coming to a close, the Joker gleefully shakes hands with one of the members in the room. Shortly after, the man begins to fry from the inside out as he’s electrocuted by one of the Joker’s devices.

The scene is pretty hilarious yet dark at the same time. Only Nicholson could truly pull this off. I mean the guy danced with the devil in the pale moonlight for crying out loud.

4. Penguin’s Death (Batman Returns)

Yet another Tim Burton Batman movie, Burton’s sequel has even more darker moments than the first. From Penguin biting off someone’s nose to shooting someone with his gun umbrella, perhaps the most grusome scene in the entire movie takes place at the very end.

Here, Danny Divito’s Penguin dies a horrible death after he just plummeted down from a few stories. The Penguin is bleeding eternally as he slowly makes his way towards Batman in one last effort to kill him. Unfortunately, Oswald Cobblepot grabs the wrong umbrella and immediately falls over to his death. His Penguin minions then take his body and place him into the icy cold sewers. So long Penguin.

5. Parallax Kills Green Lanterns (Green Lantern)

This movie is not good. I didn’t think I had to remind you of that. That being said, there is one terrifying scene worth mentioning and it takes place midway through.

After one of the Guardians of the Universe evolved into Parallax, the Green Lantern Corps sought out to stop his universal destruction before it’s too late. Unfortunately, most of the Green Lanterns who fought Parralax didn’t make it out alive as their bones are stripped right out of their bodies.

6. Senator Kelly’s Death (X-Men)

The very first live-action X-Men film proved to be a tall task for 20th Century Fox. However, director Bryan Singer was somehow able to prove he was the man for the job and gave us a great rendition of our favorite mutant heroes and villains.

While the film is rather bleak, there is one scene in particular that may turn some heads. Senator Kelly was one of Magneto’s test subjects as he uses a field of radiation to create a mutant with normal human genetics. His body eventually rejects the mutation as the scene shows him becoming a puddle of water.

7. Man-Bat Nightmare (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) 

Yet another Batman movie makes this list only this time Ben Affleck is wearing the cape. Although this scene is only a dream sequence, it still has a nice quick jump scare to it. As Bruce Wayne slowly walks towards his parents graves, Bruce notices the graves begin to bleed. What follows is a giant terrifying bat that reaches out to attack Bruce. The scene happens quick as this appears to symbolize his ultimate fear.

Do you agree with my list? What scenes from certain superhero films had more horrific moments in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!  





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