Spider-Man Pranks Unsuspecting Starbucks Customers In New Viral Video

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The marketing for #SpidermanHomecoming is starting to heat up as we get closer to its July 7th release date. Tom Holland is back as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man along with a Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in a more supporting role. With multiple trailers and TV spots released, the marketing team is finding new and inventive ways to promote their film.

This week, one of Tom Hollands’s stunt doubles named Chris Silcox took a trip to a Manhattan Starbucks to prank some lucky customers who just came to get themselves a few lattes. The viral video was shot by the genius’s over at Thinkmodo (Devil Baby) and was commissioned by Sony.

Watch the entire behind the scenes prank below!

How Did They Do It?

One of the crucial aspects for the shoot to happen was that they first needed to find a Starbucks with a high enough ceiling that would allow them to create the realistic web effect. The cable that Silcox was suspended on could support up to 1,000 pounds which was then attached to a pulley system to support him. The entire sequence was shot over two days with actual customers and workers taking part.

Spider-Man Plays The Part In The Real World


While it wasn’t the real Spider-Man, this is the kind of marketing that makes for a fun video. It’s great to watch actors who are playing a fictitious character bring their character to life in the real world.  It’s so fun to see this actually happen because to most people (including children) Spider-Man is there hero. The video even captures a little girl exclaiming “Is that Spider-Man!?” Spider-Man was also nice enough to get a few quick pics with the customers before they could enjoy their iced coffees.

What did you think of the latest Spider-Man prank? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Sources: mashable.com


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