10 Hilarious Moments From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

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Spoilers from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 are ahead! Proceed at your own risk.

Guardians of the Galaxy was such a massive hit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that a sequel would be inevitable. In comes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and it is just as fun and entertaining as the first. The sequel brings back all of your favorites including Rocket, Drax, Gamora, Star-Lord and of course Baby Groot. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is about Star-Lord finding his place in the universe and understanding what family means to him. This film has plenty of the laughter that bring the characters back together again for another adventure. The sequel has memorable moments that will bring any audience some laughs. In no particular order, these are the ten hilarious scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. 

1. Dancing Baby Groot


After fans left the theater from the first film, all people talked about was that dancing baby Groot. Well, director James Gunn and company waste no time in putting Baby Groot front and center shortly after the movies opening scene. Some might compare this scene to the opening credits of Deadpool, but it’s still hilarious any way you look at it. The camera only focuses on Baby Groot dancing to ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ by the Electric Light Orchestra.

With opening credits to movies slowly dissipating, it’s nice to see it brought back in a fun and unique way. Watching Baby Groot totally ignore everything that’s going on around him is very amusing. He really is acting like a child by paying attention to one thing and one thing only; the music. And just as a child would, he becomes upset when the speakers are destroyed by Drax.

2. Rocket Doesn’t Use His Correct Eye


One of the first longer running jokes in the film, Rocket attempts to use sarcasm by using the winking method. However, it comes back to bite him not just once, but twice. Shortly after Rocket calls the Sovereign “conceited douchebags,” he attempts to wink but uses his wrong eye twice. This enables everyone to notice that he’s being sarcastic and once again Rocket is called out on it. It’s funny because Rocket always makes fun of others no matter what the situation is so it is nice to see him make a mistake here and there.

3. The Sovereign Use Drones In Combat


Once the Sovereign realize they had been double-crossed, they send a fleet of drones to attack the Guardians of the Galaxy. They don’t succeed however as the Guardians are able to make their escape once an unknown spaceship takes out all of their drones. What makes this scene humorous is when audiences find out how these ships are piloted.

Inside their own establishment, the Sovereign have their own fleet flown by their own people in what appears to be in an arcade-like format. Since this film has music from the 80s’ as part of volume 2, it only makes sense to bring in the arcade era in a fun and unique way. This is certainly one way to do that.

4. Peter Quill Calls Rocket A “Trash Panda”


This is by far one of the funniest moments in the entire film. The first film informed us that Rocket does not like being called a Raccoon which Star-Lord calls him here once again. After Peter apologizes and says that he “took things too far,” Peter instead refers to Rocket as a “Trash Panda” which in his eyes is much worse. This moment is absolutely hilarious watching Peter’s response to Rocket asking the gang if that reference is “better.”

5. Star-Lord’s Deepest Darkest Secret


You may have seen this moment in the first trailer a dozen times, but the character of Drax never gets old. Dave Bautista’s comedic timing cannot be overstated as this scene is clearly one his best. As soon as Mantis informs the group that Star-Lord has a sexual desire for Gamora, Drax calls him out on it claiming that his “deepest darkest secret” has now been told. Drax then asks to have Mantis do the same touch on him.

6. Star-Lord Is Going To Make Some Weird Sh**


Some father and son talk can get old after a while unless your father is a ruler of an entire planet and your son is a frickin Guardian of the Galaxy. This is one of the better scenes between Kurt Russell’s Ego the Living Planet and Star-Lord simply because of the conversation they are having. Ego is letting Peter know the gifts he has as a son to a powerful individual claiming that he can make whatever he wants. Hearing this, Peter warns his dad letting him know that he’s going to make some weird sh** such as a Pac-Man statue.

7. Rocket Makes Fun of ‘Taserface’


Rocket is known for making fun of other people whether it’s by looks, vocabulary, or yes even a name. As soon as one of the Ravagers claim to now be the head of command, Rocket begins to burst out into laughter. With no hesitation, Rocket tells the new gang leader that Taserface is a stupid name and that it doesn’t even fit the Ravagers appearance.

8. Groot Attempts To Retrieve Yondu’s Red Fin


Leave it to Baby Groot to save the day! Yea right. Though Groot may be just a baby in size, that doesn’t mean he’s very smart either. Shortly after Yondu and Rocket are both locked up inside of a Ravager prison cell, Yondu comes up with the bright idea to use Baby Groot to help obtain his Red fin. However, things don’t work out the way Yondu planned it as Groot mistakenly brings back other items such as Yondu’s underwear, a desk, a small creature, and also a severed toe. Kraglin finally helps and gets them his Red Fin but these scenes with Baby Groot trying to help is amusing.

9. Mary Poppins Is A Cool “Guy”


It certainly helps that Marvel is now owned by Disney since they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make this reference. Soon after the Guardians ship is blown to smithereens, Yondu floats his way down with Star-Lord while holding onto his trusty arrow. Star-Lord can’t help but make a Mary-Poppins allusion and gives Yondu a hilarious compliment.

Yondu asks if Mary Poppins is a cool guy, which allows Star-Lord to agree with him even though he obviously got the genders mixed up. The best moment though is when Yondu screams out “I’m Mary Poppin’s Y’all!” thus capping off an endearing scene.

10. Kraglin Practices Yondu’s Weapon of Choice


Though this may be an end credit scene, it’s still a part of the film. One of the more emotional pulls in the film came after Yondu’s unexpected death. Peter hands Kraglin Yondu’s arrow claiming that Yondu “would have wanted him to have it.” Wasting no time, Kraglin is seen practicing with the arrow, mistakenly stabbing Drax with it. Drax’s yell can be heard from the other side of the ship which makes this scene quite silly.

So there you have it! Do you agree with my list? What other scenes did you find hilarious? Sound off in the comment section below!  

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2 thoughts on “10 Hilarious Moments From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

  1. Thanks for the countdown! Those are some great moments from a great movie! I especially liked the “deepest darkest secrets” scene, although there are no shortage of funny moments in GOTG 2. I wonder what Vol. 3 will bring us…

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