Why Keeping Ares Away From The Marketing For ‘Wonder Woman’ Is A Smart Move

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Believe it or not, but the latest DC film is quickly upon us. Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman opens in theaters everywhere on June 2. DC’s recent slate of films haven’t had the overall acceptance by both fans and critics alike. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as Suicide Squad have all become a mixed bad with some disliking them more so than others. That being said, DC absolutely needs Wonder Woman to hit a home run for both sides especially since Justice League is getting released later this year.  

Thus far, the marketing for Wonder Woman has been stellar. In all three of the trailers including any TV spots, the film hasn’t given away major plot points that we can expect in this movie. The marketing has done such a substantial job, that even the main villain of the movie has yet to be seen. In case you haven’t heard, Ares: The God of War is the main villain in Wonder Woman. But why have we not seen or heard much about this villain? What actor is portraying him? It’s quite possible that we won’t have answers to these questions until after the film is released.

Is this a good thing that DC is doing for it’s marketing campaign? It certainly is and here’s why…

Too Many Comic Book Movie Trailers Give Away Key Plot Points

This includes TV Spots also, but trailers are usually the bigger culprits. Comic book films have had a tendency to spoil important plot points or give away characters in a film whether we know they are in it or not. I understand that not everyone may want to view a trailer for fear of getting spoiled, but it can be daunting when a quick thirty-second commercial comes on and potentially ruins your future enjoyment of a film. Case and point, here are a few examples where either the trailers or the TV spots gave away too much of that particular film.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier; The Winter Soldiers Reveal


In this extended trailer, audiences receive a quick glimpse of who the Winter Soldier actually is; Bucky Barnes. For comic book junkies, it’s obvious who it really was to begin with. However for those who wanted to go into this film fresh was spoiled after seeing actor Sebastian Stan with his mask off.

Avengers: Age of Ultron; Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Avengers


In one of the latest TV Spots of Avengers: Age of Ultron, cap clearly tells the audience that Scarlet Witch is “one of us.” Not only that but we see Quicksilver smashing and bashing robots using his super speed throughout the commercial. While this may not be an entire spoiler for comic book fans, it would have been nice going into this film unsure if the twins would end up joining the Avengers.

Ant-Man; Falcon’s Cameo


We all know by now that Marvel has created what they call a shared universe and the formula has consistently worked for them. But thanks to a recent TV spot released just a couple of days before the release of Ant-Man showed fans that another Avenger would make a return. Wouldn’t this cameo have been a surprise if fans had not known that he was in this movie? It sure would have.

Captain America: Civil War; Warmachine’s Death?


Whether you consider this a spoiler or not, Warmachine getting shot out of the sky was uncalled for from a trailer perspective. This movie does after all have the words “Civil War” in the title so it makes sense that some of these characters may not make it out alive. Though some fans may say that this was clearly a diversion (Warmachine survies), it still begs the question why Marvel decided to show us such a pivotal scene in the movie a few months prior to its release.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Doomsday Reveal


And finally we come to the cream of the crop; Doomsday’s reveal. Up until this point, the entire marketing campaign had kept Doomsday out of all the footage. There were many conflicting reports going around that this big DC villain would make his cinematic debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Doomsday didn’t make the film worse by any means, it just would have made more sense to save him as a surprise for the fans. I mean the film has the words “Batman v Superman” in the title, so there is no reason Warner Bros. shouldn’t have stuck to that formula for their marketing.

DC Has Given Us Minor Hints of Ares Through Merchandising

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Though we may not have seen him in any trailers or commercials, Ares has made his way into your local toy store. Fans know all to well that merchandising is a big part of a films marketing. However, there are some that may have revealed too much including a Pop figurine that gave us Giant-Man upon release of Captain America: Civil War. 

Take a look at some of the products released that gives us an indication that the God of War is in fact playing a pivotal role in Wonder Woman.

Here’s a look at a couple of Hot Wheels cars that are designed specifically towards the movie. While the cars themselves don’t give anything away, we do see a faded shadow of Ares himself in the background behind Diana. This gives us enough reason to believe he will make an appearance in the movie.

Back in February, the same Twitter account also Tweeted out the first action figurine that gave us our first “official” look at the God of War:

Whether these two items will be the final incarnation of Ares remains to be seen, but it’s nice to know that these toys help us gain a general understanding of what we can at expect Ares to look like.

Why Keeping Ares A Secret Is Crucial For DC Moving Forward

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As fans, we should applaud Warner Bros. for the marketing job that they have done for Wonder Woman. The trailers have given us enough to get us into the seats and that’s all we could ever ask for. Clearly, WWI will play a big enough role for the Amazonians to get involved in the “war to end all wars.”

Trench warfare, barbed wires, poisonous gases, along with the German army are just some of the obstacles that the Allies had to face. Diana Prince is taking a stand against this tyranny and states in the trailer that she “Cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost.” But little does she know that the God of War is lurking in the shadows waiting to strike when the time is right.


Keeping Ares a secret would be a smart move and could help boost DC’s chances of having its first cinematic universe film to be both beloved by fans as well as critics. Withholding the big bad till the very end of the film could be one of the best moves DC has ever done. The marketing has proven that it doesn’t need to showcase everything to get fans excited for the film. We would have been just fine knowing that Batman was fighting Superman all along, but Warner Bros. felt the need to address the “villain issue” Apparently, showing fans Batman fighting Superman with the inclusion of Wonder Woman wasn’t enough to market the movie.

If Warner Bros. can shy away from showing us Ares until the film actually comes out, then I believe it’s a win-win for both sides. Fans should go into this film unaware of the villain who’s actually controlling it all. We can only hope that with just a few weeks leading up to the films release, that the marketing team can just hold out for a little longer.

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