7 Most Breathtaking Shots In The Justice League Trailer

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The first official Justice League movie trailer just hit the web and boy is it action packed! Zack Snyder’s latest DC film looks to bring together our favorite comic book characters into it’s first major motion picture. We’ve all been waiting for quite some time to finally see these characters in their own film together and now we are getting it. 

Watch the full trailer below!

The trailer gives us plenty of the action we can expect to see in this film. Say what you will about director Zack Snyder, but the guy knows how to direct action sequences. His visual style is also what keeps my hopes up. This film could be a solid game changer for the DC cinematic universe. Let’s check out some of those amazing shots from the trailer starting with…

1. Enter The Parademons


Do these creatures look familiar to you? They should since they were first scene in last years Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder introduced these demonic beings inside of Batman’s nightmare as he fought his way through in a desert until he was captured. The Parademons are now confirmed to have a real presence in this film.

This is the first look we get from one of them as they have found their way to teleport through one of the Mother Boxes. This Mother Box was the one that Cyborg’s father used to revive his son. It looks like he is now in a heap of trouble.

2. Cyborg Stops A Tank


This is certainly one way to show off your super power. Here, Cyborg is seen preventing a tank from toppling over what appears to be a police officer in a city park. Victor tells the officer “You should probably move” as a sarcastic way of saying “Get the hell out of the way.”

Cyborg is definitely a crucial part of this team as his strength and maneuverability proves necessary in combat situations. This small clip is only an inkling of his massive potential.

3. The Flash Shows Off His Super-Speed


Who’s the fastest man alive? That’s right it’s Barry Allen aka the Flash. This particular shot showcases how fast this man really is. The term “lighting quick” cannot be overstated as that’s exactly what’s taking place here. This shot is absolutely mesmerizing as the special effects here are top notch. We got a taste of his quickness in a small cameo in last years Suicide Squad, but these scene tops it.

4. Justice League United


Zack Snyder appears to have taken a page out of a TV show and appears to have payed tribute to the Justice League animated television series. This distinct shot looks to have been an inspiration from the shows opening. Of all the shots featuring our core Justice League Members, this one has to be my favorite.

It’s an ominous tone for sure, but Barry Allen still has reason to smile and that’s what makes this shot awesome.


5. It’s Double Or Nothing


Based on this trailer alone, it looks as though Aquaman will be front and center along with Batman and Wonder Woman leading the team. Aquaman clearly has the best scenes in this trailer with one incredible shot at the very end (which I’ll get to soon).

Here, Aquaman isn’t having any of it and launches his Trident of Neptune at two oncoming Parademons as they are thrown right into a wall. Aquaman’s strength coupled with his Trident is simply a deadly combination.

6. So That’s Why Batman Still Uses Guns 


There was a lot of controversy surrounding both of Zack Snyder’s previous DC films. In Man of Steel, fans had trouble accepting that Superman killed Zod with his bare hands even though Superman isn’t known to kill. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman takes down many criminals with deadly consequences. One particular scene showed Batman chasing down some criminals carrying the Kryptonite while he uses his guns on the front of his Batmobile to take out his enemies.

Although Batman appears to have strayed away from the killing, here we see him take out Parademons with destructive results. If there’s one enemy who deserves to be killed it’s the Parademons which is probably why Batman decided to leave these weapons on the Batmobile. You never know when you may need to use them.

7. Tidal Waves Aren’t The Only Things Aquaman Rides


Speaking of the Batmobile, here’s the money shot in the entire trailer. It’s no wonder DC saved the best for last. This scene shows how far Batman has come from playing as a solo hero to taking more of a team approach. Bruce will definitely need all the help he can get if he’s to take out all of these Parademons from invading Earth.

The shot also tells a great deal of the type of film Snyder is going for. Sure it has the same stylistic approach of a Zack Snyder film, but there now appears to be more humor and dare I say FUN aspect to a DC film. There’s nothing wrong with injecting some of the fun we’ve come to know from comic book characters. Sure it’s alright to take a realistic approach to things, but if we’re honest with ourselves we should realize that these characters would have a ball with these powers they’ve been given.

So there you have it folks! What did you think of the latest Justice League trailer and what were some of your favorite shots? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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