The 5 Best Subtle Moments From ‘Logan’ That Shows The Movie Deserves A Nomination For Best Picture

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*There will be heavy spoilers in this article for Logan. Please proceed with caution.*

Logan has just hit theaters in a profound way. Borrowing elements of the comic book story Old Man Logan, the film is very different in its own right as Logan attempts to transcend the superhero movie genre. While Logan is very much a continuation of the X-Men universe, it’s also a movie that rightfully stands by itself. The movie is considered by most as a neo noir with many elements of a science fiction/western thrown in for good measure.   

Logan is a wonderfully crafted final farewell to a live action character we were all introduced to back in 2000 with Bryan Singer’s X-Men. Jackman has always given us his all portraying this beloved mutant, but Logan is by far his best performance. If you wanted to see Wolverine at his finest and most vulnerable, look no further than this potentially Oscar nominated film.

Logan has many gritty action set pieces that are definitely worth seeing with plenty of blood and gore thrown into the mix. However it’s the smaller more subtle scenes that truly make this stand out as one of the best comic book film adaptations of all time. That being said, here are five are those moments that make Logan shine.

1. Charles Informs Logan That He’s Gone Back To His Old Ways

Charles always considered himself as a father figure to Logan when he brought him in to his School for Gifted Youngsters. Logan has always respected Charles and has appreciated everything he’s done for him. This scene is all the more touching when Charles tells Logan to remember what Charles did for him to take him out of a life of cage fighting and turn his life around by introducing him to other mutants.

Charles (who’s having severe amnesia and occasionally horrible seizures) realizes Logan is now a raging alcoholic who doesn’t seem interested in starting a family which was something Charles always wanted for Logan (more on this in another scene later). The scene is crucial in every way because it shows how far these characters have come since they’ve known each other for quite some time now.

2. Logan Shows His Parenting Skills Needs Some Polish

There are many scenes that are great between the dynamic of Wolverine and a young Laura aka X-23. The two share a mutual bond together as they both have adamantium claws and have gone through the same types of experiments. The moment was shown briefly in the second full trailer for this film as the clip was absolutely vital to this film.

This clip is an early indication that he’s starting to care for this little girl as the first thing we see Logan do for the girl is start up her kiddie ride after it shut off. Shortly after Logan puts some gas in the car, he later finds Laura missing. He eventually sees her in the nearby convenience store stealing some snacks and drinks about to kill the store clerk. The scene nearly ends in a brutal fatality after Logan stops her and exclaims “Not Ok!” It’s a moment that proves she has a very short fuse just like Logan has had his entire life. Logan realizes he can’t ever take his eyes off of her or innocent people could die.

3. Comic Book Characters Aren’t Real, They’re Fantasy 

This was another scene that was briefly shown in the official trailer. We see Wolverine go through Laura’s backpack only to find a few X-Men comic books. This scene was absolutely essential to have in the film because it shows what the perception of the X-Men are to the general public; they’re superheroes. However, Logan knows that these stories are just nearly fantasies used to commercialize them for a profit. Logan knows how the real world is and its certainly not what’s shared in those comic books.

It’s a moment that also shows that Logan hasn’t developed into the father figure that we don’t see until the end of the film. Laura is just a young girl who like him is also a mutant. She has idolized what the X-Men were especially the character of Wolverine. She also believes that those comics hold a hidden location where the young mutants can live in a place without fear of the Reaver’s trying to kill them.

4. The Munson’s Family Dinner

After Charles and Logan safely rounded up the Munson’s horses on the road, they were all invited for a nice dinner at their household. This scene is one of my favorites of the entire film. The dinner scene paints a beautiful picture with Logan, Charles, and Laura enjoying a fine meal and having an engaging conversation with the Munson’s. There’s even a humorous moment where Logan is teaching Laura some manner’s but not having her hog all of the corn.

Charles also has a wonderful moment with Logan educating him that this is what a family is all about. He exclaims to Logan, “This is what life looks like. People love each other.” It’s a touching moment especially when Logan realizes that this is a part of his life he was missing.

5. Laura Turns The Cross Into An ‘X’

Everyone knew this was coming. Not long after Wolverine purposely overdosed on the mutant serum, he finally met his end at the hands of his own clone; X-24. As the final battle between Logan and X-24 comes to close, Logan is impaled by a tree and dies in the hands of his genetic daughter Laura. The scene is completely emotional and pays a much needed tribute to Wolverine.

Later, Laura and the other mutants are seen giving Logan a proper burial. Logan sacrificed his own life to the young mutants while protecting them from the Reavers. The final shot displays Laura taking the wooden cross and laying it down on top of the grave. By doing so, the cross now forms an “X” over the grave signifying that Wolverine was the last of the X-Men. It’s the perfect honor of the character as this final scene concludes Jackman’s last hurrah as the Wolverine.

What was your favorite subtle moment from the films? Do you think Logan deserves an Oscar nomination? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!







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