‘The Void’ Looks To Bring A Resurgence To The Body Horror Films of Yesteryear

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With recent horror films such as Green Room,  Lights Out, Don’t Breathe, and The Conjuring 2 becoming majorly successful at the box office, the genre itself looks to be back on the rise of stardom. We also have a new horror film in Get Out debuting along with Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise becoming a hit television series. Yet another film is turning some heads as a brand new body horror film called The Void will be coming to theaters very soon. An official trailer was just released which you can watch down below. Be careful, as the trailer is not fit for the faint-hearted.  

Body Horror Has Been A Staple For Many Years

The film looks to dive back to the good ol’ days when we received acclaimed body horror films such as The Fly, Videodrome, and Scanners. Cronenberg will forever be known as the infamous body-horror director. However we’ve also had some great one’s with Clive Barker’s Hellraiser franchise as well as Stuart Gordon’s Re-animator and From Beyond. One needs to look no further than perhaps my favorite body-horror film of all time; John Carpenter’s The Thing. 

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The Thing is a film that truly stands as one of the greatest sci-fi horror films of all time. It’s definitely up there with the likes of Ridley Scott’s Alien as well Cronenberg’s The Fly. Carpenter’s The Thing is a masterpiece in and of itself. The film had so many memorable scenes that there’s simply too many to count. The art of body horror cannot be underestimated.

It seems we that we have taken horror films for granted nowadays. Obviously, we love to hate on most of those horror movie cliches such as the gang splitting up, people tripping over themselves when running, and many many teenage sex scenes. The horror movie genre turned many heads at one point but we’ve seemed to have forgotten what made these horror films great. Of course the story itself is always an important trope, but body horror films are popular for one major thing; the body horror.

Surprised right?  Carpenter’s The Thing had a great balance of both body horror and suspense as you didn’t know which one of those men turned out to be the creature. It’s certainly nightmarish when you don’t know who to trust while also trying not to become the creature itself. The creature took on many different forms. By far one of the scariest was when the creature came straight out of one of the dogs as seen below:

Not only has Carpenter directed some chilling and disturbing scenes, but so has Ridley Scott and David Cronenberg. When one hears someone talk about Scott’s Alien film, most people will immediately picture the famous dinner table chestburster scene. John Hurt’s impeccable performance gave that scene some extra weight. That’s definitely a rather unfortunate way to go out.

Then there’s the entire Cronenberg film The Fly. Jeff Goldblum put on a fantastic performance while slowly changing into the Grundle Fly. As the film comes to a close, Goldblum is transformed in a disturbing creature as his skin becomes to fall off.

‘The Void’ Will Bring Back Body Horror In A Gruesome Way

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Based solely just on the trailer, I’d have to believe that this film will bring back the body horror movie genre we’ve been missing for quite some time. Some of the scenes you see in this trailer are indicative of what makes a great body horror film. The Void will look to use plenty of practical effects as this gives the film a more realistic approach. Practical effects aren’t certainly a thing of the past, but we’ve seen far too many movies overuse this approach.

If this movie can bring back the elements that made the other body horror films successful, then we could have a gem on our hands. Hopefully the story holds up as well as this can keep audiences engaged. Will The Void be any good? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Void will be in theaters on April 7.



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