‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Is Hiding An Awesome iPhone Easter Egg

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The Lego Movie introduced us to one of the greatest supporting characters; Lego Batman. Fans held such high praise for arguably the best character of the film, that it wasn’t a huge surprise that Warner Bros. would green-lit a film with Lego Batman as the lead. The film grossed over $53 million domestically in its opening weekend.The movie had so much fun and charisma with the character of Batman that it’s arguably one of DC’s best comic book films.  

While The Lego Batman Movie has its fair share of Easter Eggs (and there are plenty), there’s one major Easter Egg that actually sits in the palm of your hands. For those people who are iPhone users, have direct access to Lego Batman’s computer. This comes as a new update on your iPhone that involves Siri. Thankfully, this new feature is ready for use and doesn’t require you to get the latest iPhone update. But how does this cool Easter Egg actually work?

For those of you who have seen the film, know that Lego Batman refers to his home computer as ‘Puter.’ All you have to do is bring up Siri and say “Hey Puter!” and Siri will respond with many different phrases making it seem like you are now Lego Batman. What are some of the phrases ‘Puter’ will respond with? Some of them are really hilarious and you can find some of these in the pictures below: *all photos courtesy of batman-news.com.

LEGO Batman Movie Siri 6

LEGO Batman Movie Siri 1

LEGO Batman Movie Siri 0

LEGO Batman Movie Siri 5

LEGO Batman Movie Siri 3

These are just some of the phrases you can find by speaking to ‘Puter.’ My favorite one is the message from the Condiment King. The way Siri says ‘Pbbbffftttt!’ is absolutely hilarious. Another one of my favorite phrases is when ‘Puter’ tells Lego Batman that Alfred is busy on the 17th floor fixing some tiles in the second bathroom of the fifth bedroom.

This new addition to The Lego Batman Movie brings the film full circle and allows audiences in the real world to have a little bit of fun. The movie is fun for the whole family, especially for DC and Lego fans. Lego Batman was arguably the best part of The Lego Movie and he certainly shines in his own solo film. Everyone working on this project must have had a complete blast. The animation is spectacular along with a tremendous story. The writers certainly had a grasp of the Batman character while combining all iterations of the character throughout his years of existence.

I’m sure there are plenty of Easter Eggs that have yet to be unveiled. If you were a fan of The Lego Movie, this is a no-brainer. Whether you love Batman or a great animated film that’s fun for the whole family, then this is the movie for you.

What other Easter Eggs did you spot in The Lego Batman Movie? Are you a fan of this iPhone update? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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