How Did Jyn Erso Get Her Name? The Answer May Surprise You

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It’s always fun to speculate how certain characters obtain their name in the Star Wars lore. Two of the biggest Star Wars names were introduced to us when The Force Awakens was released in December of 2015. Surprisingly enough, both Rey and Kylo became a hot commodity for baby names last year. You can expect a similar trait for this to happen with Rogue One’s character star Jyn Erso.

Though we still do not know who Rey is, where she came from, or why that’s her name, at least we have an answer to the latest female heroine Jyn Erso. John Knoll who’s the visual effects supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic, was the first to pitch the idea to have a Rogue One film to Lucasfilm’s CEO Kathleen Kennedy. Like The Force Awakens,  Knoll also wanted to introduce audiences to another strong female character.But how did the name Jyn Erso come about? In an interview with Yahoo Movies, here’s what Knoll had to say when bringing in another strong female-led character:

“I wanted a really strong, smart, and active female character as the lead of this movie. I have three daughters, and they were all growing up, and they were all young when I was working on the prequels. I felt like Star Wars could really use another good strong smart and decisive female character.”

John Knoll

As for the unique name of Jyn Erso, you have do to a little bit of math as Knoll puts it:

“My youngest daughter is Jane, and my wife is Jen, so [Jyn] is sort of mashup of them. And growing up my aunt was Aunt Ginny, [short] for Virginia, so there’s a little bit of that, too. It’s a mix up of a lot of my favorite women in my life.”

Why This News Will Excite Fans

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So there you have it! Knoll took the first names of his family members and combined them together to make a standout name such as Jyn. It’s the little bit of news such as this one is what fans enjoy hearing. To some this news doesn’t mean a whole lot, but to others it may become a future trivia question waiting to happen.

Deciphering how one comes up with Star Wars character names is what die-hard fans crave. I myself enjoy spotting all of the Easter Eggs found in the films and how they are able to connect the universes together. Whether fans enjoy the prequels or not, there’s plenty of Easter Eggs to go around that may show up in a future Star Wars movie.

Knowing that Knoll used his family as reference to naming this iconic character, speaks volumes to how much his family means to him. It’s a small but subtle way of bringing them into the Star Wars universe. Now if we can only finally figure out who Rey is related to and where her name comes from!

How did you react when finding out the origin of Jyn’s name? Are there any Star Wars characters you’re dying to know where they come from? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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