Why We Desperately Needed That Final Vader Scene In ‘Rogue One’

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SPOILERS AHEAD from Rogue One!

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the latest Star Wars film titled Rogue One. If you haven’t stop what you are doing and go to the theater right now! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed as Rogue One is arguably the greatest Star Wars film since the original trilogy. 

That being said, there’s a certain someone who makes a grand return. You may have heard of him. Yes, that memorable character is Darth Vader himself. Vader doesn’t have a crucial role in this film, but he doesn’t need to. The main villain is Director Orson Krennic and to some extent Grand Moff Tarkin. Though Vader isn’t in the film much, he steals the show in every one of his scenes. It’s been a long time coming for one of the most famous villains in the Star Wars universe. Some might say he’s one of the greatest cinematic villains of all time. This is why it was such a breath of fresh air when we heard James Earl Jones’s voice once again.

The Scene That Brought Darth Vader “Back From The Dead”

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You know what scene I’m talking about. After the plans were beamed to a Rebel ship from the planet Scarif, Vader calls to one his captains aboard the ship to “Prepare a boarding party.” The next thing we see is Vader’s shuttle along with a few TIE fighters begin to head over to the nearby Rebel ship. The scene quickly cuts inside the ship as we a bunch of Rebels scrambling to upload the plans onto a chip which will then be delivered to Princess Leia. Unfortunately the door the Rebels are trying to go through gets stuck and they become trapped inside a small dark corridor.

The next thing we hear is Vader’s breathing. Shortly after we see Vader’s lightsaber ignite, he begins to slowly walk forward annihilating every Rebel in his way. We see him use the Force choke on one of them as he slices a few in half while redirecting the blaster fire back at them. The scene ends with some of the Rebels making it to the Tantive IV ship as they narrowly escape the clutches of Vader.

The Last Time We Saw Darth Vader

Image result for darth vader revenge of the sith

When was the last time we saw a cinematic Darth Vader? If you answered with Revenge of the Sith then you’d be right. Sadly, audiences didn’t get a chance to see the Vader that we witnessed from the original trilogy. Instead we received a Frankenstein monster-like Vader slowly getting out of his lab screaming “NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!” at the top of his lungs.

We then got a few more shots of him aboard one of his Star Destroyers standing next to the Emperor and Grand Moff Tarkin watching the construction of the Death Star unfold in front of them. While this shot was necessary, it wasn’t a proper send-off to a character we’ve grown to love.

Why We Needed To See Darth Vader In His Prime 

Image result for darth vader comic i am surrounded by dead men

Rogue One provided us many memorable scenes that will go down as one of the greatest Star Wars moments of all time. The Vader scene at the end sparked a large round of applause with the audience I was seeing this film with in theaters. But what made this scene so iconic? Was it just Vader being badass? Was it fans wanting to see a lightsaber ignite since there were no Jedi in Rogue One? Or was there more meaning behind it? I’d have to say that it was more the latter.

Unless you are deep into Star Wars canon, the last time you remember Vader was in Revenge of the Sith. Those who are more into the mythology have either seen or read Darth Vader being a destructive and menacing force to be reckoned with. One of the stories (in this case comics) expands the character of Vader as being portrayed as more of a Terminator like in the James Cameron films. He will slice through each and every Rebel that stands in his way. Just take a look at some of the pictures directly from the comic down below. I think you have a pretty good idea as to how these Rebels will end up:

Image result for darth vader comic i am surrounded by dead men

Image result for darth vader comic i am surrounded by dead men

Image result for darth vader comic i am surrounded by dead men

Vader taking on a bunch of Rebels. Now this I have to see! Fan’s who read this comic was hoping that they might see a menacing Vader on the big screen wiping out Rebels left and right. I certainly don’t think they left the theater disappointed.

Here’s another example of Vader being frightening from a Star Wars Rebels episode:

Not only comics, novels, and television shows prime examples of showing us a destructive Vader, but lets not forget video games such as Star Wars: Battlefront. Say what you will about the game as a whole, but the graphics are phenomenal and allowing the player to become Vader would make any fan of Star Wars jump for joy:

Vader Leaves Us On A High Note

These are things every fan has dreamed of seeing on the big screen. Thankfully, Rogue One gives us something fans have clamored for years. Gareth Edwards clearly put this scene not only for fans to enjoy, but that it makes perfect sense to conclude his film.

After all, the beginning of A New Hope shows us a very enraged Vader who chokes out the captain of the Tantive IV. Vader will not quit until those plans have been found. Even though the main villain of A New Hope was Grand Moff Tarkin, Vader still had a welcoming presence and played a more supportive role in the movie. Vader truly takes over as the central villain in The Empire Strikes Back, killing nearly every one of his generals and captains who failed in their roles.

If this is the final scene we get of Vader cinematically, then we have to be satisfied for the work that was put in to bringing Darth Vader back to life. This scene will no doubt go down as one of Darth Vader’s greatest moments of all time.

What did you all think? Was that you’re favorite Vader scene of all time? Share what you’d like to say in the comment section below!

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One thought on “Why We Desperately Needed That Final Vader Scene In ‘Rogue One’

  1. Yes I absolutely agree. Vader was awesome and thrilling.. Also we needed this final scene, since we were shown Vader before in a very private moment, weak and vulnerable, inside his bacta tank.


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