A ‘Rogue One’ Run-Down Of All Planets, Moons, And Locations Featured In The Upcoming Film

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Mainstream audiences have associated Star Wars with iconic planets and locations that have shaped this universe in a galaxy far far away. From the wonderful peaceful planet of Naboo to the desert lands of Tatooine, Star Wars has in its own right given us quite a few memorable planets and locations throughout the seven episodic films.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will continue that trend and will once again introduce newer planets to analyze including one’s previously explored. Though we have yet to see the film, we have already learned a great deal about the planets whether that’d be by books, trailers, or online sources. That being said, I’d like to do a rundown to catch you up on all the latest material the Star Wars universe has to offer.

1. Yavin IV

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Let’s start with a place we are all familiar with. Featured only in A New Hope, Yavin IV isn’t a planet but rather the fourth moon orbiting the gas planet of Yavin. Yavin IV’s lush green forest has made it an ideal location for the Rebel Alliance to construct their hideout. The Rebels have taken shelter here in the many temple-esque structures that have inhabited the moon for many years.

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Yavin IV has become infamous in the Star Wars universe, since it was the location the Rebels plotted their attack on the Death Star in A New Hope. In Rogue One, we will again be taken to this very moon where Mon Mothma and her crew will plan an onslaught that will get the plans to the Death Star in their hands. Their base has held numerous ships including the popular X-Wings, Y-Wings, and now the U-Wings. Though Yavin IV didn’t have a ton of screen time in A New Hope, the famous moon has been prominently featured in the trailers so we can expect to see plenty of Yavin IV in Rogue One. 

2. Lah’mu

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Our first introduction to this planet is found in the prequel book, Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel. This is the planet that the Erso family found after escaping the clutches of the Empire. Thanks to a Clone Wars veteran named Saw Gerrera, the Erso’s were able to stay far away from any Imperial activity. Or so they thought. A few of the trailers have shown us that Galen and his family are eventually found on this planet by Director Orson Krennic and his Death Trooper army.

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The film will most likely start at this location as we see a young Jyn Erso and her father exclaiming to her saying, “Whatever I do, I do it to protect you. So you understand?” Jyn responds with “I understand.” It is here that Galen is arrested and taken aboard the Death Star to finish the project he so faithfully began years ago. This will most likely be the only part of the film we see this planet featured. We may not learn a great deal about the other vast creatures that inhabit Lah’mu, but it’s still another fascinating place to add to the already packed Star Wars lore.

3. Jedha

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Now this is the location I am most looking forward to learn more of. Like Yavin IV, Jedha isn’t a planet but rather another moon added to the Star Wars universe. What makes Jedha stand out among other places is its historical and spiritual significance to the long deceased Jedi. Jedha has come to be known as a place for worship to those who wish to study and who truly believe in the Force. However the main focus of this moon isn’t just its spiritual connotation, but rather the history behind it.

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Jedha has also been very popular in Star Wars canon because the moon houses something of extreme value; kyber crystals. What are kyber crystals you may ask? Well, these kyber crystal resources have been used to forge lightsabers. Simply put, these crystals are what power up every single lightsaber whether it’s made by a Sith or a Jedi. However, these crystals come in many different shapes and sizes where the larger one’s have more destructive capabilities. These larger crystals have the potential to power up a large weapon such as the one used on the Death Star. To become more familiar with kyber crystals and their overall impact in this universe, be sure to read Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel. 

4. Scarif

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The planet Scarif is the base of operations for the Galactic Empire and has played a prominent role in the development of the Death Star. Scarif is a remote planet with a tropical atmosphere and is where the Rebels will have to invade in order to steal the Death Star plans from the Empire. The planet however isn’t without its defenses. The Empire made sure to construct an Imperial Security complex which was not only used to create the Death Star, but also to manufacture ships such as the TIE-Fighters, Imperial Star Destroyers, as well as numerous ground vehicles such as the Imperial Assault Hover Tank and the AT-ACT (All-Terrain Armored Cargo Transport).

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Not only does the Empire have plenty of defenses on the planets surface, but it also has many Imperial Star Destroyers and fighters to hinder any attackers. But in order for the Rebels to even scratch the surface, they will first have to penetrate the shield that covers the entire planet. This is no easy task since the Rebels will also have to deal with the onslaught of firepower from the Empire who are patiently waiting for their arrival.

5. The Death Star

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No list is complete without mentioning the focal point of this film. The entire movie surrounds the manufacturing of the Death Star and Orson Krennic’s influence on the project. Though Darth Vader will have a small but impactful role, Krennic nonetheless is the main villain of this movie. Krennic’s spitefulness towards the Rebels will go a long way as he attempts to make the battle station fully operational.

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As discussed in Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel, Krennic has a history with the Erso family. Galen knew that the crystals he studied harnessed energy that could power other worlds and improve their society. Krennic gave him much needed support by funding his research and giving Galen the necessary resources to work with. Galen was told that all of his research was being used for the well-being of the galaxy. Behind closed doors, Krennic had something more destructive in mind and used Galen to help create a weapon of mass destruction. Now, Krennic plans on finishing the project by holding Galen in captivity, forcing him to complete the task.

‘Rogue One’ Will Continue To Expand The Star Wars Universe

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This film will be very important to the Star Wars canon. Not only will we learn what the Rebel spies had to go through to get the plans, but we will also learn more about the Galactic Empire and its rule over the vast reaches of the galaxy. We will also get a chance to witness plentiful creatures and characters we have yet to explore. This will make the Star Wars universe feel even more vast and appealing for audiences.

Source: Wookieepedia.com




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