Did You Spot The Clever Star Wars Easter Egg In The Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer?

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Marvel has just released it’s first (and second) teaser trailer for their next Cinematic Universe in Spider-Man: Homecoming. You can watch the official trailer below and keep your eye out for that Star Wars Easter Egg!


Did You Spot The Star Wars References In The Official Trailer?

Besides the trailer being simply awesome, there was a reference in there that fans may not have noticed right away. Take a look at the trailer at around the 1:17 mark shown below:

If you look closely, Peter Parker’s friend Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) is seen holding what appears to be a constructed Death Star made out of Legos! If your still not sure that’s the Death Star in Lego form, take a gander at what the set actually looks like:

Image result for holding the death star lego set

That sure looks like the Death Star Lego set to me. While all of the figures are most likely missing, it seems pretty obvious that this is in fact that set shown in the trailer. Not only that, but if you look very close to the immediate right of the screen, you should also see the front of an X-Wing Fighter as well.

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Disney Knows How To Market Their Properties

It’s no secret that in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man makes a clear reference to a famous Star Wars scene from The Empire Strikes Back on the Battle of Hoth. During the airport action sequence, Peter exclaims “You ever see that really old movie The Empire Strikes Back? You know that part where their own the snow planet with the walkie thingy’s?”

Like Captain America: Civil War, Parker has made it known to audiences that he is a huge Star Wars fanatic. Since that appears to be Peter’s room, we shouldn’t be surprised that he would also have lots of Star Wars memorabilia.

I also wanted to point out how ironic this is, considering Rogue One is due out in less than a week. Since the entire film centers around the Death Star, I find it rather amusing that it’s being featured in this trailer even if only for a second. We all know the eventual fate of the Death Star in A New Hope. Ned Leeds’s reaction to seeing Peter while also dropping the Lego set into hundreds of pieces surmises exactly what will happen to the Death Star. Simply put, it gets obliterated.

Did you catch the Star Wars Easter Egg? Are there any more Easter Eggs you spotted from the trailer? I’d love to hear what you all have to say in the comment section below!

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