The Top 7 Movie Monster Reveals That Will Give You Chills

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Movie monsters are things that have brought people nightmares. From sharks to vampires, to creatures of the deep, these popular horror monsters have stuck with movie cinema ever since their film debuts. All of these monsters have become a part of the horror genre and continue to terrify audiences around the world.  

Most of the time these films tease the monsters full reveal. However, it’s not until the first moment in the film when we get to witness the full extent of the movie monster. I have chosen seven monster moments that depicts the entire look of the monster. This list was extremely hard to make, especially since a lot of these horror moments are pure classic and are a part of some of the greatest horror flicks of all time.

WARNING: Some of these clips you are about to see contain some graphic imagery. Proceed with caution.

7. Jeepers Creepers: The Creeper

This entire film is full of chills from the the very start of the movie. We witness two young college students having to run away from what they believe is some kind of crazy maniac. However, what they don’t realizeis that they are actually being hunted by a very terrifying demonic creature who becomes reawakened after every twenty-third spring for twenty-three straight days. The creature feasts on human body parts and goes after those who show more fear.

Audiences can witness this creature killing many of the townsfolk throughout the film. However, the demonic creature doesn’t fully reveal itself in full form until the very end of the film. And what a reveal it is. The creature appears to be a cross between a gargoyle and a vampire. The practical effects are phenomenal and the film does a great job showing bits and pieces of the monster, but is able to save the best for last.

6. Hellraiser: Cenobites 

The Cenobites are beings who are perceived as being both “angels and demons.” They are directly from another dimension and seek out those who are looking for carnal experiences. The Cenobites are extremely hideous looking and are not even shown until about halfway through the movie. However when they do show up, they will give any viewer nightmares, especially if you’ve seen this film at a very young age. The make-up effects are top notch including all of the body-horror scenes that take place.

Though they aren’t in the movie very long, their presence is still felt throughout the film. This scene is the first time viewers get a taste of what the Cenobites offer because according to Pinhead, they enjoy tearing souls apart.

5. Tremors: Grabloids  

The only comedy/horror film to make this list, Tremors is one of my all-time favorite monster movies because it’s just pure fun. The film involves giant worm-like creatures who live under the ground and threaten the folks living in the town of Perfection, Nevada.

There are many memorable moments in this film, but the one that shows the entire creature for the very first time is when Val and Earl are attacked by these things while riding on their horses. Fortunately the lead characters are able to escape unharmed as the creature ends up killing itself by running straight into a wall. The line “FUUUUCCCKKK YOU!!!” coming from the mouth of Kevin Bacon could not have been sweeter.

4. Jaws: The Great White Shark

Talk about a movie with many problems. Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece named Jaws became such a headache that the film was almost never made. The mechanical shark had so much trouble working while submerged in water that Spielberg was forced to shorten the appearances of the Great White Shark. Little did Spielberg and company know that it actually worked to the benefit of the movie and has since become arguably one of the greatest monster movies, let alone films ever made.

Jaws of course has many memorable scenes but the first scene that completely reveals the shark is famous because it has one of the most quotable lines from the film; “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Other than the fin that’s attached to the top of the shark, viewers really don’t get to witness the humongous shark until this very scene takes place. Spielberg teases us throughout the movie and waits towards the very end to show us how massive this shark truly is. This shot works well because it also adds a bit of sarcastic humor to it with the famous line spoken by Roy Scheider.

3. The Thing: The Thing


John Carpenter’s masterpiece in The Thing stars Kurt Russell and his band of arctic explorers who are sent to a Norwegian camp in search for answers after other explorers were found dead at the site. What the team ends up finding here is something beyond human explanation.

John Carpenter’s The Thing is absolutely one of my favorite horror films of all time. It’s visually appealing and the story is gripping. The fact that an alien can consume hosts through someone’s DNA and spread like wildfire is something to be afraid of. Though the creature takes on many forms throughout the film, the very first encounter we have with this creature is when it consumes one of the dogs. The other dogs knew something wasn’t right with one of their brethren and it makes for a very chilling scene.

This is the first form audiences receive from this creature and it only gets worse from here. The clip is extremely gory and presents many body-horror scenes throughout the film. It’s a great film with tons of blood and gore.

2. Alien: The Alien

Ridley Scott’s Alien combined science-fiction and horror to make one of the greatest films of all time. Alien to me presents itself as more of a horror movie and boy does it deliver. Sure the first time we actually see this creature is from the infamous chest-burster scene that nobody can stop talking about, however the first time we see the monster in it’s grown-up form is the scene above.

This is another film similar to Jaws in that Scott chose not to show the creature often. But when the monster is shown, it is absolutely horrifying to look at. This scene gives us a great close-up at how nasty this creatures appearance is. Not only does it blend in well with its surroundings, but it is also able to move swiftly and kill those onboard the ship rather quickly. The creature also has an extra mouth within its own mouth and can rip through human flesh in an instant. The monster is extremely iconic as Scott’s next project Alien: Covenant looks to further establish the Alien universe and will be out next year.

1. Predator: The Predator

You can’t have the Alien without the Predator. Arguably one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest films, Predator takes place in a jungle located somewhere in South America. Schwarzenegger’s team is tasked with rescuing some hostages, but are tasked with having to tear through plenty of enemies in the process.

Little did they know that their team is being hunted by a ravenous creature that kills for sport and collects human skulls as trophies;. The Predator is seen mostly using his cloaking device for most of the film, but the final fight between Arnold’s character and the monster is truly epic. The creature takes off his mask showcasing the shockingly creepy look of the Predator. It’s a great scene and is capped off with Arnold’s response with, “You are one ugly motha fucker.”

So that’s my list! What are some of your personal favorite movie monster reveals? Sound off in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this with your friends! Also, Happy Halloween everyone!


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