Behind The Scenes Footage Released For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Shows Us The Power of Practical Effects

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If you were one of the fans who witnessed George Miller’s  Mad Max: Fury Road  in theaters last year, then you were treated with one of the greatest movie making experiences in your lifetime.  George Miller’s masterpiece may have came out roughly a year and a half ago, but people still to this day cannot stop talking about the amazing care of a post-apocalyptic film franchise that was started over three decades ago.    

New Video Shows Raw Footage From The Film 


Fury Road: Crash & Smash  is a new behind the scenes video that gives us a better look at the amazing stunts and choreography it took to make this film happen.  This featurette just goes to show how much time, and dedication it took the production crew to bring this film to life.  The effort put in to making this film could not be praised high enough and this video proves that.

Make no mistake,  Mad Max: Fury Road  does utilize its fair share of CGI work.  However, George Miller wanted to make this film as authentic and realistic as possible.  By using mostly practical effects, Miller brought us the visual flare he was striving towards.  From tumbling cars and trucks, to motorcycles flying in the air, just goes to show that the majority of the film was shot through practical techniques.  These are the many reasons why  Mad Max: Fury Road  became the blockbuster hit Warner Bros. was hoping it would become.

Why Films Should Use More Practical Effects, And Less Digital Effects

While I’m not going to debate why practical effects should be used more than CGI, what I will say is that I found myself enjoying a film more based on its believability.  For instance, even though the original Steven Spielberg’s  Jurassic Park  did have a few scenes with CGI effects, the MAJORITY of the movie showcased a few living/breathing animatronic dinosaurs including the enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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This made the movie feel real, especially for the actors who had to believe that this dinosaur was attacking them.  Having an actual moving practical effect on set, helps the actors become more aware of their surroundings, thus making it a little easier to act accordingly.  This will also help the audience realize that what they are seeing is in fact “real.”

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Though  Jurassic World  wasn’t a bad film, the movies big bad the Indominus Rex, was a full-on CGI creature.  It lacked the validity of what the T-Rex gave us in the original two  Jurassic Park  films.  This took me out of the film a bit, knowing that the creature wasn’t real enough for me to believe that the actors were getting chased by this monster.  The same goes for the Velociraptors in the movie.

The original film had plenty of scenes with raptors performed by puppeteers.  One of the more popular scenes include that infamous kitchen scene where the two kids Lex and Tim are being chased by two Velociraptors. Check out the kitchen scene by clicking the video down below!

Though this scene does use some CGI, it mixes in nicely with the practical effects.  Spielberg did a fantastic job blending in the practical with the necessary CGI effects that we see in this video.  Now take a look at a scene from  Jurassic World  with Chris Pratt’s character training the raptors:

As you can see, there are absolutely NO practical effects used in this scene.  The raptors are entirely computer generated and Pratt is forced to believing that there are creatures directly in front of him.  While the raptors look good in their CGI form, in my honest opinion they aren’t as believable enough unless they appeared as a practical effect.

So What Am I Getting At Here?

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I could go on and on about the use of practical effects nowadays.  Though we definitely need our fair share of heavy CGI work (ie: superhero films), it seems that Hollywood is slowly shying away from your standard effects.  It’s time consuming to make an effect come to life, let alone more expensive.  However, if a director such as George Miller or Steven Spielberg can make great use of CGI and practical effects work cohesively, then it’s a win-win for movie fans.

Those are my thoughts on the latest  Mad Max: Fury Road  featurette and impressive practical effects.  What do you think? Should Hollywood use more practical effects over digital effects?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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