Would Disney Have The Guts To Kill Off THIS Lead Character In ‘Rogue One?’

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story  is the first spin-off film in the Star Wars universe.  A formal criminal, Jyn Erso is recruited by Mon Mothma who realizes the necessary skill sets that Jyn possesses.  Mothma trusts that she has the tools to help the Rebel Alliance steal the Death Star plans from the Empire.  After all, the first trailer gives us a better perspective of the character of Jyn.  She is quoted having had many major incidents occur throughout her lifetime that includes forging Imperial documents, possessing stolen property, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest.  

It’s clear that this character is the main focus of the film.  We even got a taste of some new information regarding her father Galen Erso in the latest international trailer.  Her father is regarded as a scientist who once worked for the Empire as some have speculated.  Galen appears to have betrayed the Empire and is sending a signal to the Rebellion of the whereabouts to the plans.

This puts the mission in motion as the Rebellion now has a strategy to learn more about the Empire’s ultimate plan.  Jyn is tasked with leading a team of heroes on a near suicide mission as they attempt to locate the plans of a superweapon known as the Death Star.  Ever since Gareth Ewards categorized this film as a “war film,” many can anticipate plenty of deaths in this film.  After all, most of these characters are never seen or heard of in any of the later movies.

Of all the characters who are likely to die, Jyn Erso probably isn’t one of them. Which begs the question, “Would Disney have the guts to kill off their lead character in  Rogue One?”  The answer may surprise you.

Would It Fit The Story?  

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The easy answer to this is that we don’t know at this point.  Until we obtain more information regarding her character, there’s no way of knowing if she’ll make it out alive or not.  What we do know is that she is neither seen nor referenced in the later films.  This leads me to believe that something tragic happens to this character whether killed off or not.

In fact, MOST of these characters in this movie are brand new to this franchise with the exception of a few of the characters including Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, and of course Darth Vader.  It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of these character’s will die a noble death but SHOULD Erso also be included in that list?  If it were me, I would absolutely do it.  Why?, Well let’s just say I have my reasons.

We’ve Seen Tragedy Strike Multiple Times In The History Of Star Wars

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Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, and most recently Han Solo were killed in one of the Episodes at some point.  They were all MAJOR characters that left a legacy in the Star Wars universe.  That’s not even to mention all the Jedi that were assassinated thanks to Palpatine’s Order 66 or all of the lives that were lost when the planet of Alderaan blew up.

The Star Wars films have had there fair share of tragedy and  Rogue One  should be no different.  Being the first Star Wars spin-off movie, the team behind it should go all  out and give us the war film that we deserve.  This film should up the stakes and would give us a better perspective on the Rebel alliance and how they gave their lives to fulfill their mission.  Erso’s death would be heartfelt and the audience would be more appreciative of the Rebel’s for sacrificing their lives to save others.

Erso’s death would be a bold move for them to make, which makes me think that it won’t unfortunately happen.

Jyn Erso Is Another Female Lead In The Star Wars Mythology

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Seeing as how movies are trying to incorporate more female characters in the lead, Disney may be hesitant to kill this character off too quickly.  That doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually, but it doesn’t seem like a strong possibility.  Though Rey is the lead in the new trilogy, having yet another lead female character in the spotlight enables another female for young girls to look up to.  Killing this character off could upset a lot of parents or children who fall in love with this character from the get-co.  This is why Disney must tread carefully if they are to keep their fans satisfied.

Why Kill Off A Character If There’s More Stories To Tell?

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Another aspect to this argument is that everything that Star Wars puts out is canon.  That includes any video games, merchandise, tv shows, books, or comic books.  If Erso becomes a big hit with fan’s, it would be tough not to continue her story to learn what happens to her AFTER the events of  Rogue One.  This is a business after all, and a smart business decision would be to keep this character alive, instead of leaving many story ideas on the table.  The revenue that they could make just from this one character could be astronomical.  If Rey was a sure hit, why not Jyn Erso?

My Overall Thoughts On This Topic

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If I were the one writing the script, I would absolutely have this character die a noble death.  When this film is over, I want to be sobbing in my chair knowing how much pain and suffering these Rebels had to go through to get the job done.  If this movie is to be considered the  Saving Private Ryan  of the Star Wars universe then that’s EXACTLY what I hope to see.

All those men in  Saving Private Ryan  gave their lives to bring home the remaining Ryan family member.  They did their job and accomplished their mission, even though many lives were lost in the process.  My hope is that we receive a Star Wars film that can match the tone of  Saving Private Ryan.  

Star Wars can be for both kids and adults, but a film like this needs to be told the right way.  Sprinkling a little bit of humor in it is fine.  Ultimately, this is a Star Wars movie and should feel adventurous, fun, and engaging.  This movie has the potential to be great.  I can’t judge the film yet until I see it for myself, but I have been very pleased with all of the promotions on the film thus far.  My hopes are high that this will go down as one of the very best Star Wars films to date.

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Those are my thoughts regarding Jyn Erso’s fate in the Star Wars universe.  What do you think will happen to this character?  Please share your thoughts and don’t forget to check out some of my other articles regarding  Rogue One  which you can also find down below!

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