Pokémon Who Could Help Our Armed Forces When Needed

Here’s an idea.  People have always thought how Pokémon could exist in the real world and what their purpose could be.  We’ve seen a glimpse of this in the original television show in the episode titled  “Here Comes the Squirtle Squad,” where Squirtles and Wartortles are trained by the fire department to help put out fires after they helped with a large fire.  We’ve also witness Chansey’s assist Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Centers taking care of the injured or ill Pokémon.  Another example is Ash Ketchem’s mom Delia, who utilizes Mr. Mime as a sort of maid in her house.  

Pokémon could have many uses, especially with our military.  I believe that if Pokémon did in fact exist, the military could use these pocket monsters to their advantage.  No, I’m not talking about killing anyone, but rather subduing the enemy.  What Pokémon could help our military and how could they be used?  Read on to find out!

*I will only be referencing the first generation of Pokémon in this article.*

Koffing/Wheezing: Smokescreen

This Pokémon may be full of poison, but its smokescreen attack can be very helpful for those in our military.  Our military and SWAT teams utilize smoke bombs to flourish people out of a particular area.  They also use them in hostage situations, especially if the enemy is carrying any firearms.  Wheezing could use this attack to temporarily blind the enemy, while allowing our troops to go in and save hostages.

Blastoise: Hydro Cannons

We all know that the Squirtle Squad can put out fires with their water blasts, but a highly evolved form of this little devil is on powerful Pokémon.  Blastoise has two huge hydro cannons atop his shell.  Named the hydro pump, Blastoise can well “blast” away his enemies with ease.  However, Blastoise could have another use for our military.

Among other items, riot control SWAT teams have used large water hoses to help restrain the enemy with a powerful blast.  Fortunately for Squirtles’ final form, Blastoise has the capability of a human water hose and can unleash a strong blast that will knock down the enemy.  Hoses are good, but when you have a Pokémon like Blastoise by your side you can’t go wrong.

Magnemite/Magneton: Thunderbolt

Ever need that jumpstart for that tank or Humvee that broke down in the middle of the desert?  Need to restore power to a base?  Want to knock out the power near enemy territory?  Well, these electric Pokémon have you covered!

Any electric Pokémon would be valuable to have on your side, but these specifically can be very useful.  These Pokémon are also magnetic which could prove valuable along enemy lines.  Their magnets could be strong enough to do some real damage, especially against enemy weapons.  Magnemite’s and Magneton’s magnetic force could draw their weapons away from them, therefore disarming them completely.

Kadabra/Alakazam/Hypno: Confusion 

This move is pretty self-explanatory.  Behind enemy lines, these Pokémon could easily CONFUSE the enemy, thereby making it more difficult for them to remain focused.  Psychic Pokémon have been a staple throughout the generations of Pokémon.  Their confusion and psychic powers will certainly make it very difficult for the enemy to compete against, let alone avoid.  These Pokémon would be a valuable asset to any team.

Diglett/Dugtrio: Dig 

These Pokémon could be used to help prevent massive flooding in the area.  If a flood were to occur, the Diglett and the Dugtrio could dig large enough trenches that would allow the water to flow out of the surrounding location and into a nearby lake or bay.  The trenches could be made quickly and would also keep the Diglett from hitting the water themselves. Should anyone need to be saved, the National Guard, Navy, or the Coast Guard could take over from here and complete the rescue.  Or, you COULD have another Pokémon to help with this rescue mission…

Lapras: Surf

With a shell the size of a small boat, Lapras has the capability of saving those who can’t swim or need to be taken a shore.  If the National Guard needs a helping hand and their ships can’t navigate the terrain, a Lapras will definitely be more than willing to assist and get the job done.  It may take more than one trip, but Lapras will do whatever it takes to save everyone who needs a helping hand.

Do you agree with my list?  What Pokémon do you feel would be fit to help the military?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!    







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