5 Ways ‘Rogue One’ Will Change Our Perceptions On ‘A New Hope’

Rogue One  is less than six months away and with that comes the anticipation of yet another Star Wars film.  This film will be much different than previous films as this is the first solo Star Wars movie that isn’t a part of an episodic trilogy.  

Rogue One  will tell the story of the Rebellion stealing the Death Star plans away from the Empire.  It’s a crucial story mentioned at the beginning of  A New Hope.  Speaking of  A New Hope,  I believe that after watching  Rogue One,  audiences will view Episode IV much differently than before.  By that I mean there will be certain moments that take place in  Rogue One  that we will remember while watching another re-run of  A New Hope.  

No matter how many times you may have seen  A New Hope,  I guarantee that  Rogue One  will change your perspective a bit.  After all,  Rogue One  will end roughly ten minutes before the start of  A New Hope  so in a sense you can watch both of these films back to back where the story will feel connected.  Here are five ways  Rogue One  will change the way we view  A New Hope.  

1.  Mon Mothma

The leader of the Rebellion,  Mon Mothma’s role will be substantially higher in this film if the first teaser trailer is any indication.  Unfortunately actor Genevieve O’Reilly’s role in  Revenge of the Sith   was cut out by George Lucas who initially had her as a politician on Coruscant.  However, the same actor will be allowed to shine in  Rogue One  as Lucasfilm brought her back to play one of the Rebellions greatest leaders.

The character of Mon Mothma may not actually be in  A New Hope,  but her motivations and influence will certainly be felt in the movie.  We will know and understand the sacrifices she made to lead the Rebels to retrieve the Death Star plans away from the Empire, thus learning its weakness.  The Rebels will have gone to hell and back just to obtain these important plans.  Rogue One  will certainly be a BIG step for the Rebellion as they fight to take down the Death Star once and for all.

2.  Stormtroopers

We were introduced to the Stormtroopers in  A New Hope,  the Snowtroopers in  Empire Strikes Back,  and the Scout Troopers in  Return of the Jedi.  Now, we will be shown even deadlier troopers known as the Death Troopers.  A few weeks ago, director Gareth Edwards gave his reasoning behind the birth of the Death Troopers.  In the interview, Edwards talked about how a lot of the Stormtrooper ideas came from original Ralph McQuarrie’s paintings:

“And then at the very back of the room are all of these drawers that are full of the Joe Johnston and Ralph McQuarrie originals. The original actual paintings that they showed the studio to get Star Wars made. And on some of those images, there were these Stormtroopers that were really tall and thin and they looked so cool and athletic. When you put armor on a Stormtrooper, they look like NFL players. They were sleek and S.A.S. looking Stormtroopers. So we thought let’s try to find some six, seven foot tall people who are really thin and try to figure out a new Stormtrooper that can actually hit its target with guns. And they became, eventually, the Death Troopers.” –International Business Times

These Death Troopers sound very dangerous.  Not only are they six to seven feet tall, but they are also very deadly in accuracy.  Star Wars fans will tell you that most Stormtroopers have a lack of accuracy.  This won’t be the case with these Death Troopers.  Though these troopers never appear in  A New Hope,  it will be interesting to see what happens to them all in  Rogue One.  

Unless they are all killed off in  Rogue One,  watching  A New Hope  will be different especially if they aren’t all dead.  Fans will be asking those questions if they somehow survive because  A New Hope  could have used them especially when Han, Luke, Chewie, and Obi-Wan all go to the Death Star to save Princess Leia.

3.  Tantive IV

With  Rogue One  ending roughly ten minutes before the opening of  A New Hope,  there’s a good chance we’ll be getting to know the crew aboard the infamous Tantive IV in the movie. That being said, Captain Antilles’s death and his crew may feel more significant once we eventually see them take off into the iconic ship.  We may also get a glimpse of a young Princess Leia boarding the ship since we know that’s where the Empire captures her.

By the films end, we will have learned more about the Rebellion and their tactics of obtaining the Death Star plans.  We also may be more familiar with the crew aboard the Tantive IV.  This will help give  Episode IV  more emotional weight as we will already have known the fate of most of the crew including their captain.  We’ll have to see how  Rogue One  plays out, but we have to believe we’ll be seeing Captain Antilles and his crew at some point in the film even if it’s at the very end.

4.  Darth Vader

Speaking of the Tantive IV, this is the ship where we are introduced to one of cinemas most greatest villains.  Darth Vader’s screen time may have been rather short in  A New Hope,  however his presence is felt throughout the ENTIRE film.  If the film’s opening scene is any indication, Darth Vader means business.  We always wondered what made Vader so angry at the start of this film and  Rogue One  will attempt to answer those questions.  You can watch the entire opening scene of Episode IV by clicking on the video below:

Vader is certainly not happy once aboard the Tantive IV.  After the Stormtroopers kill most of Captain Antilles’s crew, Vader uses his brute strength to get as much information out of him as possible, killing him in the process.  Antilles mentions how they’ve been sent on a diplomatic mission and doesn’t know where those plans are.  Vader’s temper is certainly felt here as he chokes out the Captain.

It’s been confirmed that Vader will have a presence in  Rogue One  even if his role is rather small.  Iconic voice actor James Earl Jones will also continue to voice Darth Vader in  Rogue One  after already voicing the character in the  Star Wars Rebels  series.  Vader’s presence will certainly be felt in  Rogue One,  and we will get a taste of his wrath in this film.  We will know why Vader is so angry, perhaps having had those plans in his grasp at some point.  We’ll have to see how it all plays out in the film.

Here is my last and perhaps most important piece on this list.

5.  Alderaan  

Ah, the planet Alderaan.  With it’s beautiful landscape, lush vegetation, and wonderful people, it’s a shame we haven’t learned more about this famous planet.  However, with  Rogue One  set to include Alderaan, we may finally have gotten our chance.

The planet Alderaan is famous for being not only one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy, but it also meets its unfortunate end when Grand Moff Tarkin orders the planet to be decimated by the Death Star’s powerful laser.  The entire planet explodes in mere seconds after Leia is asked where the Rebel base was located.  Leia watched in horror as she see’s everyone she ever knew including her family explode right in front of her eyes.

In  A New Hope,  we also get a reaction by an elderly Obi-Wan when he senses that many lives were lost; “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

Leia had to weep away her sorrows after seeing her entire home planet obliterated.  If we learn and meet a lot of people who live on Alderaan, Episode IV will carry much more emotional weight towards the destruction of the planet.  I hope that  Rogue One  will delve more deeply on the planets inhabitants.  I have always been intrigued to learn more about this planet and the people’s culture.  We can expect to learn more about Alderaan in  Rogue One.  

Those are my five points regarding how this film may change our perception on  A New Hope.  What other things are you looking to get out of  Rogue One?  I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!  


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