Pokémon Go Gets The ‘Honest Game Trailer’ Treatment And It’s Awesome!

Pokemon GO Logo Pokémon GO Gets an Honest Game Trailer

Pokémon Go  is certainly the talk of the town right now.  The popular app hasn’t slowed down with talks of new updates along with a Pokémon film in the works titled  Detective Pikachu.  This game has literally taken over the world, with “trainers” all around looking for the rarest of all Pokémon.  People are finding news ways socialize even using the app to find dates!  

Pokémon Go  isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  One man named Nick Johnson has even caught all available Pokémon in the United States in less than two weeks and is venturing out to other continents just to catch ’em all!  Nick was even lucky enough to be sponsored by Marriott Rewards to catch the rest of the Pokémon not found in the U.S.

With all the craze going on, it should be no surprise to see funny parody videos being made to explain what the app is literally about.  Look no further than the Smosh Games latest YouTube Trailer narrated by Screenjunkies Honest Trailer Guy, though this time it’s based on the real life events of  Pokémon Go.  Check out the incredible video below!

What Takes Place In The Trailer?

Well for one thing, Smosh makes it known that what the game seemed to promise fans was a CGI creation of a character in front of them.  What fans received however, was a Pokémon character on their phone that can be rather difficult to catch with a Poké Ball using your own fingers.

The narrator makes it known the game is literally a “groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps, and Paper Toss.”


I can’t really argue that point that’s for sure.  It’s also pretty humorous that they bring up the part from the original Gameboy Color games that featured your character wandering through grass and unexpectedly running into a random pocket monster.  That’s pretty much the gist of the game when you think about it.

Another point they bring up that’s pretty funny was when they mentioned that the Pokémon you decide to transfer, actually turn into candies that you eventually feed to the Pokêmon your evolving.

Finally, the narrator also puts players front and center saying that the game stars players who are “going for a walk, making some friends, hanging out at parks at night, finding a dead body, getting mugged, getting stabbed, and falling off a cliff (you’ve got to be kidding me).”

Final Thoughts

Though this trailer appears to poke fun out of the popular app, I have to say it’s pretty spot on.  Even though the commercials appeared to promise meeting Pokémon in real life via CGI counterparts, no one in their right man thought this to be true. You can never say never though right?

Overall, the trailer does a great job highlighting its comedic elements including how the games features are borrowed from a once fashionable app game called  Paper Toss.  They even highlight some of the things that have broke in the news including players coming across a dead body, getting mugged, and a man dumb enough not to watch where he was going.

It’s a solid Honest Game Trailer and one that many people should watch, especially those who play the app.

So what did you think of the Honest Game Trailer?  Does it seem to nail all the bits that have made this game so popular?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!



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