The ONE Scene The ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Theatrical Cut Should Have Included

After finally getting the chance to watch the  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  Ultimate Edition, I have to say it’s much better than the theatrical cut.  For those of you unaware, the ultimate edition packs in an additional 30 minutes of additional footage that was cut from the movie.  The extra footage fleshes out more of the characters that was cut short in the theatrical version.

Some of the major scenes that were cut include Clark Kent going to Gotham City investigating the one they call Batman, the bullet that Louis Lane keeps bringing up begins to make more sense, and also Luthor’s overall scheme is further enhanced with his added scenes.  Even the man who was branded by Batman at the beginning of the movie is established more so in the ultimate edition.  However, there was one scene in particular that could have made such a BIG difference in the theatrical cut.

What Was That Pivotal Scene?

I’m glad you asked!  Shortly after the events which unfolded in the Court House, a bomb that was placed inside of the wheel chair of Wallace Keef by Lex Luthor goes off killing everyone inside but Superman (or so it seemed).  Shortly after the bomb went off, Lois Lane watched Superman fly off into the sky.

We as an audience realized that Superman must have been the only person to have made it out of the Capitol building alive.  However in the ultimate edition, the scene plays out much differently.  You can check out the scene by clicking the video down below:

As you can see, the above scene depicts Superman going the extra mile to save everyone who had survived the blast from the bomb.  Superman does all he can saving as many people as he could.  We also see him begin to look around, realizing that all the death and destruction that took place.  He’s upset that he never noticed the bomb that was located inside of the wheelchair until it was too late.  Then we see him fly away just like in the theatrical version.

Why This Scene Should Have Been In The Theatrical Cut

Though director Zack Snyder did show Superman earlier in the film rescuing a little girl out of a burning building, an over-turned ship stuck in ice, astronauts taking off into space inside of an exploding shuttle, and a family trapped on top of their house from a massive flood, this capital scene is in my opinion that much more significant.

This scene actually changes the entire perspective on Superman.  In the theatrical version he just fly’s away, perhaps knowing he will be blamed again for another incident.  In this version however he attempts to save as many lives as possible showing that he cares and that he’s not the “Illegal Alien” or “False God” that some portray him to be.

The scene also makes you want to root for Superman, as it seems that the majority of the movie focuses mostly on Ben Affleck’s Batman.  It also helps tie-in nicely at the end because his death now has more emotional weight to it.  The funeral scene is much longer and shows that people really do care about this powerful being.  This could be in direct influence to this scene because we visualize people beginning to change their mind about this man.


My favorite part of this entire scene was when a police officer thanks him for his help.  We as an audience may not know if the officer is for or against Superman, but either way we realize he just acknowledged a man with extreme power.  This officer may very well have changed his own perspective of Superman with this one good deed.



While the ultimate edition may not change anyone’s mind on whether they liked the film or not, most people seem to agree that its much better than the theatrical cut.  All of these little extra scenes add more flavor to a film that appeared to jump around way to often.  At times the story felt uneven with too many things happening at once.  With so many characters crammed into this one film, it didn’t surprise me that the ultimate edition would be better well received.

I understand why Warner Bros. was indecisive on what version they wanted to release.  There were stories that Snyder fought to have this cut of the film released instead.  However, the Warner Bros. executives won and we saw what they gave us.  By far Snyder’s version is more complete with many scenes that should have stayed in the final version.

If and when you do check out this version, I think you’ll agree that this is the cut we should have seen in theaters.  If Peter Jackson can have his way with the  Lord of the Rings  and  The Hobbit  trilogies as long as they are, then Snyder should have also been allowed to give us this version of the movie.

I certainly enjoy the film more after watching this edition.  I can’t wait to see what Snyder has to offer in  Justice League: Part 1  which will be released in November of next year.

If you already saw the ultimate edition, I’d like to know what you thought of it?  Did you like it better than the theatrical cut?  Also, should they have included this Capital scene I described in this article?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!     




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