These ‘Lego Batman Movie’ Images Reveals Michael Cera’s Robin and Zach Galifianakis’s Joker

Will Arnett’s Batman will make his expected return starring in his own movie next year!  After appearing in a supporting role in 2014’s  The Lego Movie,  Batman will be back on the big screen in Lego form.  Arnett’s Batman was certainly the most likable and most talked about character from Lord and Miller’s  The Lego Movie.  Arnett voiced Lego Batman perfectly and had many memorable moments in the film including stealing the hyperdrive from the Millennium Falcon:  

With San Diego Comic-Con beginning to amp up, Warner Bros. has decided to release a few images regarding two key characters that will have a major presence in the film: Robin and the Joker.

Check Out The Photos Below:

LEGO Batman Joker LEGO Batman Movie Images Reveal LEGO Joker & Robin

Joker and his silly grin

LEGO Batman Robin and Batman LEGO Batman Movie Images Reveal LEGO Joker & Robin

Robin’s cape gets in Batman’s Face!

LEGO Batman Joker and Harley Quinn1 LEGO Batman Movie Images Reveal LEGO Joker & Robin

Joker and Harley begin to make their getaway.

LEGO Batman Robin LEGO Batman Movie Images Reveal LEGO Joker & Robin

Robin’s love at first sight?

My Thoughts On The Photos

These photos market the film on being a fun and family friendly film.  The movie looks to continue what we all love about the caped crusader and that’s delivering us many memorable movie villains.  Warner Bros. looks to fulfill that promise giving us a great cast including Galifianakis who will voice Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker.  Based on the teaser trailer that was released a few months ago, other known villains such as Clayface, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Bane, and Penguin will also make an appearance.

Lord and Miller have done an amazing job setting up this character in  The Lego Movie.  I couldn’t wait to get more and more Batman on the screen while I was watching the movie for the very first time.  His presence made the film that much more enjoyable and I cannot wait to see what Warner Bros. has in store for us at San Diego Comic-Con.  It’s been reported that  The Lego Batman Movie  will have an appearance at Comic-Con along with many other superhero films.  We can expect a full trailer to be debut for audiences at Comic-Con.

The Lego Batman Movie  is the start of the trend for many other Lego movies released also by Warner Bros.  Other films announced including  Ninjago (September 2017),  The Lego Movie Sequel (May 2018),  and finally  Billion Brick Race (May 2019).  

The Lego Batman Movie  will be released in theaters everywhere on February 10,2017.  Are you excited for  The Lego Batman Movie?  What did you think of the early photos released by Warner Bros?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and tell me what you think!  

Photos courtesy of USA Today.


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