The 5 Best Uses of the F-Bomb In Movies

Foul language has been a part of our vocabulary since the beginning of time.  What classifies as a curse word, has changed drastically.  Films have had their fair share of foul language written in the script.  Just a few years ago, Leonardo Dicaprio’s film  The Wolf of Wall Street  broke the record of most f-bombs in any film with a total of 506.  That’s an incredible number for a film with a 180-minute running time.    

While I am not here to condone such behavior, however I will say that there are times when the actors use it at the right comedic moment in the movie.  I chose five scenes from different films where I felt this bad word was used at a great time and gave the scenes some much needed humor.  Read on to see if your favorite f-bomb moment appears on my list!

#5.  ‘X-Men: First Class’ (2011)  


Most of you probably had a feeling that this one was going to be on the list.  Hugh Jackman’s cameo appearance couldn’t have come at a better time, as we see a young Charles Xavier and Magneto are attempting to recruit mutants to help them take down Sebastian Shaw.  Being the selfish character that he is, it should be no surprise that Wolverine would not want to take part in this mission.  He’s been a loner all his life and is certainly not a people-person.  As we all know, the future timeline changes all of that as Wolverine eventually becomes a part of the X-Men.

Another bit that makes this scene so memorable, is that this scene is referenced in  X-Men: Days of Future Past,  except this time it’s Charles Xavier’s turn to tell someone to “Fuck off.”  This tie-in fits rather nicely as we begin to see the early friendship bond take place between Xavier and Logan.  We will see them reunite next year once again in Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine.  The film will in fact be rated R, so you can expect more f-bombs aplenty as Jackman wears his adamantium claws once last time.

#4.  ‘Spaceballs’ (1987)

This Mel Brooke classic took humor to a whole other galaxy (pun intended).  The film was a clear parody of George Lucas’s Star Wars films that came out a few years prior.  There are plenty of humorous moments to go around, but there’s only one use of the f-word in this movie that stands out.

This scene takes place towards the end of the film shortly after Dark Helmet accidentally presses the self-destruct button.  The entire crew escapes except for Colonel Sandurz, Dark Helmet, and President Skroob.  Without a moment to lose, the three begin to search for a way to negate the self-destruct sequence.  The computer tells them they need to push a “cancellation button.”  The three of them find it, however a tag is seen attached to it labeled “Out of Order.”  Dark Helmet immediately shouts out “Fuck!  Even in the future nothing works!”  This moment is absolutely hilarious and just goes to show how unreliable technology can truly be.

#3.  ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ (1987)

I’m kind of cheating a little with this one, simply because this entire scene is full of f-bombs.  The reason I decided to put this scene on this list is because it was so unexpected.  Believe it or not, this movie would not have received the R-rating it got were it not for this short 2-minute clip.  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles  just went from a family-friendly PG rating straight to an R-rated movie in just a matter of seconds!

What makes this scene so appropriate is the timing.  With so many things gone wrong for Steve Martin’s character, it was time for him to vent out his frustrations.  Shortly after finding that the car he rented was missing from the lot, he does straight to an annoying customer service agent (played by Edie McClurg) to complain.

The first words out of Steve Martin’s mouth were absolutely unexpected: “You can start by wiping that fucking dumbass smile off your rosy fucking cheeks…”  The entire scene continues with more f-bombs, but it’s the final line from McClurg’s character that takes the cake.  After she asks him if he still has his rental agreement and learns that he threw it away, she tells him “You’re fucked.”  That’s certainly a perfect way to end this conversation!

#2.  ‘Tremors’ (1990)

There’s only one thing to be afraid of in Perfection, Nevada and no it’s not the desert heat. It’s something much, much worse.  In one of the films most gut-wrenching moments, Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) are attempting to escape from a large Graboid who just took down both of their horses.  Our heroes make a run for it and narrowly avoid the grasp of the creature.  However, the creature kills itself instantly when it runs straight into an underground concrete wall.  After Val and Earl agree that the monster is dead, we hear Val scream, “Fuuuck you!”  A perfect response to a very enjoyable sci-fi/horror film!

#1.  ‘The Terminator’ (1984)

This movie certainly isn’t known for its laughs, but one particular scene should make you chuckle.  That scene takes place inside one of the rooms the Terminator takes shelter in, while preparing his weapons for his imminent slaughter of anyone named Sarah Connor.  A janitor is seen here knocking on the door, while waiting impatiently to clean the room. Not wanting to be spotted, the Terminator uses his built-in dictionary of phrases to answer.  Instead of using some of the choices listed such as  a simple”Yes/No,” or a “Please come back later,” the Terminator elects to use “Fuck you asshole!” as his response.

What makes this scene great are the choices given to the audience.  One of the other choices is simply a “Fuck You,” but the Terminator decides to tack on “asshole” at the end.  This is certainly one of those scenes that stick out from James Cameron’s action/thriller hit,  The Terminator.  

Did you agree with my list?  What other movies had the f-word used sparingly?  I’d like to hear what you have to say in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!  

Sources:  Variety



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