5 Reasons To Go Check Out ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

“Hello boys, I’m baaaack!!!” -Russell Casse

The long awaited sequel has finally arrived in theaters after an over twenty year hiatus.  Jeff Goldblum and the crew are back in this epic sequel where humans are once again having to face another alien attack.  This time however, Earth is better prepared as they were able to utilize some of the alien technology left over from their fallen alien brethren and turn it into super weapons.  The humans are preparing for another imminent invasion as a much larger ship lurks in the depths of space.  

The film had its memorable moments, even if it doesn’t quite live up to the first movie’s standards.  Most of the original cast are back to bring us another solid entry to this franchise.  This is director Roland Emmerich’s first sequel he has ever done.  How did he do?  Well, I’ve made a list of the five reasons to go check out  Independence Day: Resurgence,  and I promise that there will be no spoilers ahead.

#1.  The Original Cast

With the exception of Will Smith, the original cast returning cannot be overstated.  Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Brent Spiner and Judd Hirsch, all have welcoming returns to this franchise.  Even Captain Steven Hiller’s wife Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox) gets a chance to shine.  The original cast puts on a fine performance as they each get plenty of screen time.  Jeff Goldblum has by far the best performance out of the bunch.  If anything, you should check out the film to see some of these old-timers back in action one last time!  (Or is it?)

#2.  The One Liner’s 

While the one liner’s don’t quite equate to the original film, there are still a few that stand out.  We already heard Goldblum say one of them in the trailer; “They like to get the landmarks!”  You can expect many more lines similar to this one in the film.

As far as movie speeches are concerned, there are a lot of them.  Even though  Independence Day (1996)  had that one great speech by former President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman), there are a few too many speeches in this movie.  Some of the speeches feel a bit out of place, however some are absolutely vital and occur at the right time.

#3.  Roland Emmerich: ‘The Master of Disaster’

The same person who directed the 1998  Godzilla  as well as both  The Day After Tomorrow  and  2012,  Emmerich has once again showed that he is ‘The Master of Disaster.’  Emmerich has pretty much defined the term “disaster movie” with the films that he has made in his repertoire.  Independence Day: Resurgence  of course adds to this list, and is a great representation of a disaster flick.

If you come to the theater wanting to see complete global destruction, this film is for you.  This man thoroughly enjoys “destroying” the Earth, as is the case with most of his films.  The CGI in this film for the most part is very well done.  With the use of updated technology, Emmerich is able to utilize this his advantage.  His destructive work certainly shows in the final product.

#4. Up-Close and Personal Combat Against The Aliens

If there’s one minor gripe I have about the original film, it’s that we really didn’t get a chance to see these aliens and understand how they use the technology to their advantage.  This film however shows us all kinds of scenes, with the humans facing off against the aliens.

There are also scenes where the humans are forced to fight them in hand-to-hand combat situations.  This enables the phrase “close-encounter” to come to fruition.  Sure the aliens are heavily computerized (which is rather noticeable), however it makes for more compelling scenes to take place.  While puppet figures would have been preferred, they would not have had the maneuverability that they had in the movie.  With technology having improved tremendously over the past twenty years, it made sense for the director to decide to use less puppets and models with more computer graphics.  Some of these fight scenes are intense and make for a wild ride.

#5.  It’s Pure FUN!!!

This is definitely not a film you want to take seriously.  In fact, at times the film seems like it’s not even taking itself seriously.  This sequel is one of those so-called “popcorn flicks.”  The film deserves to be seen in a movie theater as a pure and entertaining sci-fi action movie.  I consider the film to be a lot of fun.  There are certain parts that make you question the direction the movie is going in, but if you don’t overthink it, you’ll have a good time.

Final Thoughts

Any way you look at it,  Independence Day: Resurgence  is a solid sequel, boasting astounding special effects and massive set pieces.  If you go in expecting a great storyline, you’ll probably walk away feeling disappointed.  This movie is surely not as good as the original, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad film.  On the contrary,  Independence Day: Resurgence   is very enjoyable and worth checking out in a theater near you.

Are you planning on seeing  Independence Day: Resurgence?  What did you think of the film?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!  You can also check out my other articles on my main page by clicking right here!  


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