Top 5 Horror Movie Scenes That Appeared Out of Nowhere

A few SPOILERS are ahead for some of the films on my list.  

With James Wan’s  The Conjuring 2  hitting theaters this week, I thought I’d make a list based on one of my favorite movie genres; horror.  This list was made with the intention of bringing you what I consider to be some “out of left field” movie scenes from a select few horror movies.  What I mean by that is, these scenes sort of appear out of place and don’t necessarily go right along with the story.  You may be watching these films and wonder, “Where did that scene come from and why was it used in the film?”  This was how I felt when I initially watched these films on my list.  

A few of these scenes listed here appear randomly and somewhat distract the viewers from the main storyline.  However, that’s not to say that these scenes aren’t by an means scary.  Quite a few of these scenes have even given me nightmares.  To be quite frank, I cringe when I re-watch these films, knowing when a particular scene is about to happen.  Here is my list of the “Top 5 Horror Movie Scenes That Appeared Out of Nowhere.”

#5.  Cleopatra’s Demise: ‘Freaks’ (1932)

Freaks  is one of the most controversial horror films in history.  But it also has one of the craziest endings in film history.  Cleopatra a trapeze con-artist gets her due by the end of the film.  The freaks get their revenge by disfiguring her and turning her into a freak herself.  They melt the flesh off her hands to resemble duck feet while also cutting off her lefts and deforming her torso by placing feathers on her.  Watch the freaky ending below:

The film’s ending is a big change in pace from the characters of the freaks.  They are shown as gentle beings as they are part of one happy family in a road show.  The freaks take care of one another and look out for each other.  However, when threatened they will strike and boy did they ever with what they did to Cleopatra.  I can’t say she didn’t deserve this, but this ending still shocks me to this day.

#4.  The Girl In Room 237: ‘The Shining’ (1980)

Jack Torrence was asked by his Wendy to check on room 237 after his son Danny claims he’s been strangled by someone.  While slowly being taken over by the ghostly spirits, Jack investigates the room.  As he enters the room, he notices a naked woman.  What appears to be a young beautiful woman, however ends up becoming a hideous ghost of a dead person.  Watch the scene below:

This scene is very creepy and disturbing.  It certainly caught the audience by surprise as it did me.  Many people have fond memories of this unsettling movie scene.  Unfortunately for Jack, the ghost wasn’t as it appeared to be.

#3.  Zelda: ‘Pet Semetary’ (1989)

In one of the film’s side stories, Rachel discusses with her husband how she was forced by her parents to take care of her dying sister named Zelda.  Her parents had asked her to feed her when needed.  Watch the scene here:

What makes this scene so chilling is all the make-up effects used to bring the character of Zelda to life.  She’s very sick as we see her body become skinless as her bones start to protrude out of her body.  Her skin stretches as Rachel narrates and mentions how her sister is beginning to look like “some kind of monster.”  You can’t tell me that this scene can’t give anyone nightmares.  It sure did to me.

#2.  Mirror Scene: ‘Poltergeist’ (1982)

Here is yet another scene that sort of comes out of nowhere.  We learn in the film  Poltergeist,  that the house has a demonic presence all around.  One of the parapsychologists who is staying overnight at the house has a haunting dream where he witnesses his flesh falling off his bones.  You can watch the gruesome scene below:

The scene has some great special effects, but clearly did not need to be in the film.  The house was already disturbing enough with all the objects being moved spontaneously around the house, not to mention Carol Anne being taken away from the poltergeists.  This scene still gives me nightmares no matter how many times I’ve watched it.

#1.  Nazi Werewolves: ‘An American Werewolf in London’ (1981)

Seriously, where the hell did this scene come from?  The first time I watched this movie, this scene scared me shitless.  This has to be the scariest and most frightening scene in the entire film and of course it’s a dream sequence.  None of this truly happened to the major character, but that didn’t stop me from feeling sorry for David and his family.  Here is the scene:

This scene uses great make-up effects along with the rest of the creature effects as seen throughout the rest of the film.  These nazi werewolves are a sight to see especially if you want to be kept up at night.  The entire film is incredible but this scene definitely did not need to be in the movie.  However, it’s become a cult favorite as most fans will reference this scene from the movie.

So those are my choices for the top 5 horror movie scenes that appear out of nowhere.  Out of the five listed, which one has scared you the most?  Also, were there other scenes I missed that appeared out of place in a horror film?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!


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