Gigantic Florida Gator Gets The ‘Jurassic Park’ Treatment in Viral Video

Laura Dern and Sam Neill in Jurassic Park Jurassic Park Meets Golf Course Alligator in SR Video Pick

The state of Florida is known for being the home of thousands upon thousands of gators.  If you want to have a chance to see a wild gator, then travel to the state of Florida.  Just a few days ago, the internet went wild over a photograph of a massive gator nonchalantly minding its own business roaming through a golf course in Sarasota Florida.  Check out the full-sized gator in the picture below:  

Recently, a video was posted online that proved this gator was anything but fake.  Most people thought this video was a hoax, but sources have confirmed that this gator is very real and has occasionally been seen by from time to time by the locals.  The gator pictured is estimated to be somewhere between 15-17 feet in length.  This size isn’t very uncommon in the state of Florida.  It’s certainly a wonder to look at, especially when watching this prehistoric creature waltz right on through a golf course.  We are used to seeing alligators in zoo’s, but to see it in it’s natural habitat, is fascinating to watch.

One YouTuber Crafted A Killer Video

Of course with viral videos being a thing, YouTuber Pim Rose decided to create a video that shows the first-contact scene from  Jurassic Park.  Instead of the Brachiosaurus, Rose replaces the dinosaur with the massive gator all while listening along to the perfect John Williams soundtrack.  You can check the video out below:

I thought the video was crafted very well and warrants a round of applause for creativity.  The clip shows the main cast from the film look on at the gator as it walks right on through the golf course.  It certainly feels like a  Jurassic Park  moment, and fits well with what this man was going for.

Remember ‘Lake Placid?’ (1999)

This large gator reminded me of the gator from  Lake Placid  starring the great Bill Pullman.  Though this gator was much bigger (roughly 30 ft. in length), it’s still a tad bit scary knowing that gators can grow to a size this extreme.  Monster films can be quite intimidating, but when a creature can be this large in real life, it may disallow some folks from sleeping well at night.

Final Thoughts

Thank goodness nobody tried getting any closer to the gator, because it is a wild beast in it’s natural habitat.  Gators are fierce creatures and should only be admired.  Their jaw can exert over 3,000 pounds per square inch of force.  Gators should never be trifled with.  They are even surprisingly agile while on land.

What did you think of the video?  Do you think it blends well with this particular  Jurassic Park  scene?  Let me know what you think in the comment section below! 



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