This Amazing Infographic Shows the Entire Film of ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’


It’s pretty astonishing what technology can do these days.  Not only can people create their own video games using a variety of software, but they can also develop a movie of their own.  But in this case, an infographic was made by one fan named Martin Panchaud from Geneva, Switzerland, who was able to take the ENTIRE storyline of  A New Hope,  and show it through some graphics.  An illustrator and graphic novelist, Panchaud put his heart and soul into this project and it clearly shows.  This Star Wars fan clearly had WAY to much time on his hands.  

Check out some of the visuals below to get a sense of what to expect when looking at the whole story.  Below is the visual of Han Solo’s encounter with Greedo in the Cantina scene:

As you can see, these pictures are of an overhead point of view.  The creator also places quotes taken directly from the film to help the audience from becoming confused when viewing the graphic.  It also adds a bit more flavor to it then just having pictures.

Here is another photo taken from the infographic:

Any Star Wars fan could tell you that this must be the destruction of the planet Alderaan. The colors and the darkness of space, blend very well in this picture.  The explosion from the beam of the Death Star can be seen here, as the author does a great job giving us a better perspective on the obliteration of the planet.

The next pic, features Luke in his X-Wing ready to fire his proton torpedoes in the Death Star’s exhaust port:

You can also take a look at some of the other photos below, including an inside look at the Millennium Falcon, Luke’s lightsaber, and his radar while trying to find R2-D2 on Tatooine:



The detail in this infographic is absolutely incredible.  I can’t even begin to wonder how much time and effort it took to put this together.  This however, is just a sampling of the real deal. To view the infographic in its entirety, please click right here.

Here is what Panchaud said on his motivations for creating these graphics and why he thoroughly enjoys what he does:

“The ‘Star Wars’ series has had a heavy impact on pop culture and they continue to influence through generations. It is a modern form of mythology and Episode IV is where it all began. Other than this, ‘Star Wars’ is a childhood memory. Maybe some of you may recall your very own and personal sensations you had when you first saw the film. My visual style leaves more space for the individual imaginary universe.”

It’s wonderful how he touches on how fans can view these films through a different perspective.  We may view a scene one way, whereas someone else may see it a different way.  That’s the beauty of film; it’s subjective.  No person’s opinion can be completely wrong in that regard.

Please check out one last picture down below, which exhibits all of the major vehicles and weapons taken from the film:


What did you think of this infographic?  Do you feel that Panchaud accurately represented the film through these pictures?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

All pictures were borrowed from and

Quotes taken from



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