New ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Clip Shows Magneto’s Cataclysmic Fate

“My name isn’t Henryk.  My name is Magneto.”

The character of Magneto has been embodied brilliantly on the big screen by two fantastic actors.  The first actor to take on the live action role of Erik Lehnsherr was Sir Ian McKellen.  Now we are blessed to have Michael Fassbender who continues to give us a much younger take on this famous comic book character.  

A brand new clip for  X-Men: Apocalypse  has recently surfaced online and while it doesn’t give us too much we don’t already know, it’s still a very depressing and emotional scene starring none other than the metal-moving mutant himself.  You can watch the short clip below:

What took place in this clip?

The first thing we see Erik do in this clip is close the huge metal doors to prevent any escape from these construction workers.  While we don’t know the severity of why he is distraught, we do learn that he has lost someone very close to him.  We hear Erik call out his co-workers after learning  that some people mentioned him to the authorities about an incident that took place.

It looks like it must have been a long time since he has demonstrated his powers in front of a crowd.  It’s been at least ten years since the White House incident happened from  X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Erik has been living a different and more peaceful life up until this moment.  Something has ticked him off and has made him realize who he truly is.

After a man pleads him to hold back his powers, Magneto tells the men to think of the most important person in their life and pretend that they have been taken away from them.  We can now assume Magneto will showcase his powers and end the lives of these men.

What has caused Erik to go back to his old ways?

The above photo taken from the final trailer, suggests that his family has been murdered and is shown holding his wife and child.  It’s very possible that this is the moment when Erik realizes who he really is and understands that humans once again cannot be trusted.  Magneto will go back to his philosophy of ruling over the humans and will be found by a certain god-like mutant who has been around for thousands of years.

This clip shows Erik in a most vulnerable state and will easily be persuade by Apocalypse. Apocalypse will share the same belief with Erik that humans must be ruled and will eventually persuade him to join forces to become one of his Four Horsemen.  The god will imbue Magneto with powers to make him stronger and will be tasked with going against all the other X-Men who will stop at nothing to prevent the age of Apocalypse from ever happening.

 Magneto looks to be going down yet another path of destruction and will be even stronger this time around thanks to Apocalypse.  The X-Men have a tougher task ahead of them but if they all band together, it gives them a better chance of stopping all of the catastrophic events that’s about to unfold.

So those are my thoughts on what I believe is happening here.  What did you think of this clip?  X-Men: Apocalypse  will be released in the U.S. on May 27th.  Also, if you haven’t done so already, you can also check out the other clips that have been released online.

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