FINALLY! Our First Look at Kong in ‘Skull Island: Reign of Kong’

Skull Island: Reign of Kong  will be Universal Studios’s newest attraction to open this year!  This attraction will bring guests to Kong’s world, as they set sail on Skull Island.  Faced with many creatures and dinosaurs, riders will have to prepare to take on these beasts and most importantly survive.  We now have our first official look at the famous beast and you can check out the photo released by Universal down below!     

New images of Kong from the new Skull Island ride were revealed this morning.

This Kong looks very similar to the giant gorilla we got from Peter Jackson’s  King Kong.  Kong is HUGE and will be awaiting the guests who dare to intrude on his own island.  Kong make his official ride debut in  Kongfrontation  but that attraction was unfortunately closed in September of 2002 to make way for  Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride.  The original mechanical Kong took place in New York, while  guests were making their getaway in a tram heading towards Roosevelt Island.  Unfortunately for them, Kong had other plans and attacked the guests in the vehicle.  The guests narrowly made their escape and eventually made their way back the tram station.

This attraction however will take place soley on Kong’s homeland; Skull Island.  While we don’t know the entirety of the story, what we do know is that the audience will be fighting off bugs, dinosaurs, and other various creatures.  Finally, guests will come face to face with Kong himself but it’s difficult to determine if Kong is on the side of the humans.

To give a better perspective on what fans can expect, a new video has been released which gives us a taste of the life-like King Kong.  Check out the video now titled “Encounter!”

This is everything I ever wanted in this attraction.  My only hope was to witness a life-size Kong just like in  Kongfrontation,  and it looks like Universal has delivered.  The video mentions that guests will “feel his breathe sweep across your skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body.”

The attraction looks to bring back the terror that Universal once had in  Kongfrontation.  I cannot wait for opening day and I know this attraction will be a blast!

The video sums it up PERFECTLY: “This is his world, and your at his mercy.”

Are you excited to witness Kong once again at Universal Studios?  Let me know how thrilled you are for this attraction in the comment section below!  You can also check out the other videos released by Universal to get a better taste of what’s to come.

The Story

The Vehicle

The Creatures



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