10 Hilarious Moments from ‘Captain America: Civil War’

MAJOR Spoiler Warning for  Captain America: Civil War.  Please read at your own risk.

You would think that with a movie called  Captain America: Civil War,  that there would be hardly any humorous moments in the movie.  Well, you’d be wrong; VERY wrong.  While  Captain America: Civil War  didn’t have quite as many quippy remarks as much as  Avengers: Age of Ultron  did, however there were enough scenes that made many fans smile and laugh.  Let’s face it.  Though I enjoyed  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  very much, there were far too many scenes that just felt way too depressing.  Nothing against DC, but sometimes a little lightheartedness doesn’t hurt and that’s exactly what you can expect in this Captain America lead sequel.  There were many scenes that made you smile, but there were also scenes that made you laugh yourself silly.  Here is a list in chronological order of the “10 Hilarious Moments from  Captain America: Civil War.”

#1.  Black Widow agrees with Tony

In a scene where the Avengers are at odds with the implementation of the Sokovia Accords, Black Widow  surprisingly agrees with Tony’s perspective of keeping the Avengers in check.  Tony asks Natasha, “I’m sorry did I just mishear you or did you agree with me?”  Perhaps the best part of this scene is when she mentions that she really wants to take back what she said which forces to Tony to state, “No no no, you can’t retract it.  Thank you.”

#2.  Falcon Questions Black Panther

Shortly after a big chase scene involving Falcon, Captain America, and Black Panther, they are eventually cornered by the police along with War Machine and are detained.  On the way to a facility, Falcon is seen questioning T’Challa asking, “So you like cats?” This leads Cap to inform Sam that now is not the right time. Sam quickly states,”Dude dresses up like a cat, and you don’t want to know more?”  This scene works on all levels because the audience would want to ask Black Panther the same thing.

#3.  Tony’s blunt response to Spider-Man

Having finally met the YouTube sensation, Tony asks Peter Parker to join his team in a fight against some vigilantes in Germany.  Peter however is indecisive of the situation because of all the homework he must finish over the weekend.  Tony being the selfish human being he is, rolls his eyes and states “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.”  It’s a typical snarky Tony Stark response, as he’s able to recruit the superhero we all know as Spider-Man.

#4.  Falcon and The Winter Soldier in a Beetle

Falcon clearly doesn’t like the Winter Soldier.  After all, he was the one who nearly killed him by tearing off his wing and kicking him off the side of a helicarrier in their last encounter.  However Sam is only doing this for his friend Cap and will stay by his side to the end even going so far to saving his former WWII partner, Bucky Barnes.

This movie had a lot of banter between the two.  One great moment took place while they were both sitting in a Volkswagen Beetle.  While being stuck in the back seat, Bucky asks Sam if he would move his seat up.  Sam doesn’t budge and replies with a resounding “No.”  Bucky is then forced to move to the other side.  It’s small moments like these that make you appreciate these characters even more.

#5.  Falcon and The Winter Soldier Take On Spider-Man

Yet another funny moment takes place between these two characters.  After Spider-Man looks to have the upper hand, Falcon quickly reacts by sending his trusty drone named Redwing to take Spider-Man out of the fight.  Though their hands are both webbed to the concrete floor, that doesn’t stop Bucky from asking Sam, “You couldn’t have done that earlier?,” to which Sam responds with “I hate you.”  Watching these two banter back and forth brings much comedic relief to an amazing action sequence.

#6.  Ant-Man Grabs the Wrong Truck

Perhaps my favorite line in the entire film comes directly from the mouth of Paul Rudd’s character, Ant-Man.  Should that surprise anyone?  I think not.  Scott whips out a “toy truck” he had saved somewhere in his suit and asks Cap to throw one of the enlarging capsules at it.  The truck grows back to normal size and almost kills War Machine.  Little did Scott know that he apparently grabbed the wrong vehicle exclaiming to Cap, “Oh man I thought it was a water truck.  Uh, sorry.”  This moment was definitely the highlight of the fight for me.

#7.  Ant-Man attempts to shut down Stark’s Armor

Here is yet another scene stealer from Paul Rudd.  Hawkeye shoots Ant-Man into the sky while riding on an arrow eventually landing on Tony’s armor.  Ant-Man makes his way inside and begins to pull out some of the plugs in a pursuit to shut down Tony’s armor.  While inside the armor Scott quips, “Oh, you’re gonna have to take this into the shop.”  This leads Stark to ask, “Who’s speaking?”  “It’s your conscience.  We don’t talk a lot these days,” says Scott.  As  Trevor Norkey  pointed out, this quote was borrowed directly from  Finding Nemo.  It’s a nice little moment for all Disney fanatics.

#8.  Ant-Man’s BIG Surprise

Who would have thought that in the year 2015, we would have a Marvel movie based on a shrunken superhero named Ant-Man?  Now in 2016, not only do we get to see Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man again, but we also get a BIG reveal in that he can actually grow into Giant-Man.

Like in the comics, Ant-Man can become Giant-Man but only for a short period of time like Scott mentions in the film.  This leads to Tony’s hilarious moment when he asks his team,  “Ok, anyone on our side hiding any shocking and fantastic abilities they’d like to disclose?  I’m open to suggestions.”  This moment is also one of the best lines in the entire film because if the audience were on Stark’s team, they would be asking that very question.

#9.  Spider-Man’s ‘Star Wars’ Reference

Spider-Man stole quite a few scenes from the other heroes, but nothing came close to the scene where he makes a direct reference to  The Empire Strikes Back.  While trying to figure out how to take down Giant-Man, Spider-Man comes up with an idea taken from a memorable Star Wars moment.

Spider-Man asks the team, “Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?  You know that part where they’re on the snow planet with the walky thingy’s?”  Fan’s immediately knew what was coming as we saw Spider-Man spin his web around the ankles of Giant-Man and successfully knocks him over.  Since Disney now owns both Marvel and Star Wars, it was only a matter time of when they would find a way to put these two franchises together.

#10.  Stan “The Man” Lee: The FedEx Delivery Man

In a moment where things look bleak, Stan Lee is there to lighten the mood.  After Tony attempts to help Rhodey walk again, Stan Lee has a package for a certain someone he calls “Tony Stank!”  The audience in the theater laughs as Rhodey can’t help but thank him for calling him that name.  Rhodey in desperate need for some humor, tells Tony that he’s, “Never dropping that by the way.”  This moment comes with perfect timing especially for a man like Rhodey who is now crippled and may be out of action for quite some time.

So those were the 10 hilarious moments I chose from the movie.  Were there any scenes I might have missed?  Which of these scenes were your favorite?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!   



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