Our First Look at ‘Pandora: The World of Avatar’ has Arrived and it’s SPECTACULAR!

Shortly after James Cameron announced that there would be FOUR more sequels to Avatar,  it was no surprise that Walt Disney World would make an announcement of their own.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom  will be WAY different come summer of 2017.  That’s because the  Pandora: The World of Avatar  will officially open to the public.  

The long awaited  Pandora: The World of Avatar  will allow Guest’s to immerse themselves into the land taken from the 2009’s blockbuster hit,  Avatar.  This project has been in development for many years and producer Jon Landau and Portfolio Creative Executive for Walt Disney Imagineering Joe Rohde, are happy to announce the opening for this experience.  Their presentation showcases what guest’s can expect when they enter the ‘cinematic’ world of  Avatar.  There is much to look forward to and I cannot wait to see what this new land has to offer.  You can check out the roughly five minute video below thanks to  Inside the Magic!  

Here’s what Jon Landau had to say in the presenation:

“When guests come to Pandora, they’re going to be immersed like no other land can. Because they’re going to be encased by these floating mountains on top and the detail of all the plants and the flora and the fauna of the land…When they come to this land, we want our Guest’s to look at the world a little differently.”

Sounds to me like this land is going to be absolutely gorgeous to look at, especially at night.  The texture, the colors, and everything else in between, will draw you into the world of  Avatar.  This will be an experience like no other as we inch closer and closer to its opening.    

Joe Rhode also gave his thoughts in the presentation exclaiming how Guest’s should prepare for quote an immersive experience:

“This is a living place.  A place that you will sense is alive.”     

Pandora: The World of Avatar  will be a “living place” as Rhode put it.  Everything you see and touch will come alive right before your eyes. This land will be highly interactive to allow guest’s to sort of create their own experience as they travel through Pandora.

Avatar Land Pandora: The World of Avatar Video Examines Disneys Park Attraction

Both Rhode and Landau touched on how the technology has advanced, which allowed them to create this experience.  While the movie  Avatar  broke new ground due to it’s motion capture technology, the  Pandora: The World of Avatar,  will also mark an achievement in its own right.  According to Rhode and Landau, this land would not have succeeded were it not for the “remarkable technical and aesthetic achievements” being placed in the park.   

I simply cannot wait for this to open!  I’m excited to see every new experience that Disney has to offer and this one is no different.  While we still have  Star Wars Land  and  Toy Story Land  yet to open at  Disney’s Hollywood Studios,  in the meantime we have  Pandora: The World of Avatar  to look forward to.

So that’s my two cents on how excited I am for the official opening of this new world!  What I’d like to know is, how excited are you to experience  Pandora: The World of Avatar?  Are you excited to see what Disney has in store for us next?  Also, how excited are you for the announced sequels that will follow the original?  Sound off in the comment section below!    


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