This Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Fighter Will Return in Episode VIII!

Like the X-Wing Fighter before it, the classic A-Wing Fighter is making its grand return to the big screen!  First seen in  Return of the Jedi,  the Rebellion’s fastest ship will soar back on the big screen in  Episode VIII!  

Thanks to a few picks from Ali Arkan and Nick LaBate’s Twitter account, we can confirm that the A-Wing will in fact make its much needed return!  Check out a few of the pics down below with both the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry visiting the set at Pinewood Studios!


It’s nice to see the A-Wing make its much beloved return after the big thirty year gap between Return of the Jedi  and  The Force Awakens.  We saw a newer updated model of the X-Wing known as the T-70 X-Wing Fighter in  The Force Awakens  as part of the Resistance attack on Starkiller Base. The Resistance also used these ships to help save Han, Chewie, Finn, Rey, and Maz on the planet Takodana.  Now, the Resistance will have a more agile and faster ship to use against the First Order in the near future.

Even though the A-Wing didn’t appear until the final film, the ship made a lasting statement against the Empire particularly in one famous scene.  Starfighter Pilot Arvel Crynyd was maneuvering his A-Wing around a few TIE Fighters until he was eventually gunned down.  As a result, his A-Wing Fighter headed straight towards the  Executor  a.k.a. The Super Star Destroyer and crashed right into it, thus bringing it down into a ball of flame.  You can watch that fateful scene by clicking on the video below:

What about the Y-Wing!?

I am SUPER excited to see the A-Wing back in action!!!  I absolutely LOVE this ship and it is my favorite Starfighter in the Rebel Alliance.  Aside from the X-Wing and A-Wing, I’d also love to see a form of the Y-Wing make a return.  While the A-Wing is the fastest ship of the Rebel Alliance, the Y-Wing is the slowest and for good reason.  It packs quite a punch because it is used mostly for bombing runs, thus making the fighter relatively heavy.  I am a bit surprised that the Resistance did not have other ships at their disposal when combating against the First Order on Starkiller Base.  But knowing that the Resistance have access to other ships makes me hope that we will be getting a rendition of the Y-Wing VERY soon!

So those are my thoughts on the A-Wing’s reappearance.  What other former Rebellion ships are you hoping to see again in the near future?  Sound off in the comment section below and please let me know!  Don’t forget to share!  




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