7 BIG Questions We Want Answered in ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

J.J. Abrams’s  Star Wars: The Force Awakens  provided fans with yet another solid addition to the franchise.  Though the films’ story was similar to  A New Hope,  the movie felt like a breath of fresh air after the rather disappointing and lackluster prequels.  The Force Awakens  however left fans with more questions than answers and I’d like to address a few of them in this article.  While there are many theories and thoughts about the future of this franchise, questions should be asked.  Here are in no particular order “7 BIG Questions We Want Answered  in  Star Wars: Episode VIII.”  

#1.  Who are Rey’s Parents?

Rian Johnson, director of  Star Wars: Episode VIII,  has a lot of shoes to fill and questions to answer because this has got to be the most asked question out of all of them.  All we know of Rey thus far involves her working as a scavenger for Unkar Plutt.  She also learns a bit of her history in the one scene when she touches Luke’s lightsaber (which I’ll get to later) and shows her a past vision of her parents dropping her off to Unkar Plutt on the planet Jakku.  She is also a Force user as we saw her combat against Kylo Ren and use a basic Jedi mind trick on a stormtrooper on Starkiller Base.

It’s difficult to say who in fact she is related to.  Most people (including myself) believe her to be Luke’s daughter as there are a few subtle hints that this could be.  She was clearly brought up to be the pivotal character of this franchise and knowing  Lucasfilm,  she has to be related to someone. Could she be a Skywalker or maybe a descendant of the Solo’s?  Or could she have been one of Luke’s students who was brought up learning about the ways of the Force at Luke’s Jedi Temple before things took a turn for the worst?  All these questions MUST be answered at some point and hopefully we will get them answered in  Episode VIII.  

#2.  Where does the New Republic go from here?

The ENTIRE Hosnian Prime system was completely wiped out by the ultimate weapon on Starkiller Base.  The Republic had just become strong again many years after the destruction of the second Death Star from the Battle over Endor.  They were able to re-create a government system and keep it in tact up until this point.  Unfortunately for them, the First Order wiped out all of their major resources and planets with one blow.  Now, it is only the Resistance that stands with General Leia taking charge.

Times are tough once again for the New Republic as they are going to have to somehow rebuild a new government that took a major hit.  While the First Order has also lost Starkiller Base, at least their officers and officials remain in tact and will continue to dominate the universe through fear and power. The New Republic will have to pick themselves up yet again with General Leia now having to make the tough decisions moving forward.  But like all the other questions on this list, how will the New Republic rebuild and where do they go from here?  Hopefully Johnson will fill us in on  Episode VIII.   

#3.  How did Maz Kanata retrieve Luke’s Lightsaber?

“That’s a good question, for another time” says Maz Kanata to Han Solo after having asked that very question.  Fan’s have been asking the same thing ever since we saw the second teaser trailer which showed us a mysterious figure handing the lightsaber over to Rey.  Unfortunately, fan’s still did not get their question answered in this film as Kanata glosses over it entirely.  However, the dialogue does give us an indication that it might come up again sometime in the next film.

All we can gleam from this is that Luke’s lightsaber was last seen falling (along with Luke’s hand) down to the bottom of a shaft somewhere inside Cloud City on the planet Bespin from  The Empire Strikes Back.  And it eventually ends up in the hands of Maz Kanata where it was concealed inside of a chest in her basement.  That’s pretty much all we know at this point and hopefully we will get a better understanding on the journey of this lightsaber in a future  Star Wars  film.

#4.  Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

Snoke appears to be the new Emperor Palpatine if you will in this new trilogy.  We can tell from his facial scarring that he must have been in quite a few battles (fighting Luke maybe?) and that he is a man striving for more power.  We also know that he is strong in the ways of the Force and is training Ren to focus on the Dark Side.  He is believed to be pretty large even though he is just a hologram in this film.

Supreme Leader Snoke is the leader of the First Order and is after the map that leads to Skywalker. But why does this man have a grudge against Luke?  Could something have happened between them in the past?  All these questions must be answered going forward to get a better understanding of this new villain.

#5.  When did Kylo Ren turn to the Dark Side?

It’s no secret by now that Kylo Ren was once named Ben Solo, son of both Han and Leia.  Somewhere down the line he was seduced by Snoke while he was training to become a new leader of the Jedi at Luke’s Jedi Temple.  However, the Dark Side proved to much for him to fight against and eventually succumbed to it thus helping create the First Order.  The film made it clear that Ren still has a lot to learn and that Snoke needs to finish his training for him to become the next Sith?

Still, Kylo Ren’s mission is also to hunt down and kill Luke Skywalker.  The entire film focused on him trying to retrieve the pieces of the map from the Resistance.  He wants to make sure that no more Jedi are around and Luke appears to be the very last Jedi in the universe.  It would be great to see how and when Ren was seduced by the Dark Side.  Perhaps we will learn a little bit of history on this character while Rey is training with Luke over on the island.

#6.  Who are the Knights of Ren?

We only got but a glimpse of these characters from that flashback scene after Rey touches Luke’s lightsaber at Maz Kanata’s castle.  We see them assassinating what look to be villagers somewhere on a planet with Ren leading the charge.  All these characters bear a slight resemblance to the look of Kylo Ren but it’s difficult to say if the others also wield a lightsaber.  They must be of grave importance because they are hinted at strongly in the vision scene.

How and when did the Knights of Ren start?  Are these other Knights of Ren fallen Jedi like Ben Solo was?  Could the others also have been Luke’s students at the Jedi Temple?  These questions certainly must be answered in an upcoming film.

#7.  Is Kylo Ren Redeemable?  

This is a question you must tread lightly when asking a fellow  Star Wars  fan.  On the one hand, Ben Solo is the youngest and possibly only child left to carry on the Skywalker legacy.  If he never changes back to the light, the Skywalker family will die out in flames with Kylo Ren leading the First Order.  It’d be a shame to see the Skywalker family go this way.  After all, Anakin was the one who started it all and eventually was the chosen one to he was destined to become with Luke becoming the successor.

On the other hand you have fan’s who may backlash if Kylo Ren does go back to Ben Solo and switches back over to the side of good.  Why?  Because he killed Han freaking Solo!  According to some fan’s, there is nothing redeemable about killing one of the most beloved and iconic character’s in  Star Wars  lore let alone film history.  Harrison Ford portrayed the lovable Smuggler eventually becoming the General in charge of a garrison of troops on the planet Endor.  To put it simply, he may be everyone’s favorite  Star Wars  character.  To have the son kill his father and eventually turn good could lead to mutiny.

While we know that Kylo Ren is still being pulled to the light side, this death may have supplanted him on the Dark Side for good.  Now, he just needs to go back to see Snoke and finish his training.  It’s difficult to say where his path will lead him but I don’t see this character making it out alive by the end of  Episode IX.  

So those are all the questions I feel are necessary to be answered in  Episode VIII.  Are there other questions you may have thought of that you would like answered in the next film?  I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts in the comment section below and please share!   


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