‘Aquaman’ Movie Will be More “Fun” According to James Wan

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  kicked off to an impressive opening Easter holiday weekend! The film is set to make at least $170 million domestically and is soon to become one of the most profitable movies of all time.  For those who have seen the film, you know that Aquaman makes a brief cameo in the movie as Zack Snyder’s film does a great job setting up the Justice League.   

Both  Man of Steel  and  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  have a very dark and serious tone to them which may or may not have turned off a few of the fans wanting to see the movie.  Sure DC is trying to be anti-Marvel in a way refraining from jokes and clear-cut one liner’s but is it too much to ask for to at least have a bit of ‘fun?’  Well, fans don’t have to worry as it looks like Aquaman’s solo outing will be a different rendition when comparing it to the other DC movies.


Furious 7  and horror movie fanatic director James Wan recently gave his thoughts on how his solo film of the King of Atlantis will be portrayed on the big screen:

“The kind of filmmaker that I am, even my darker horror films are still very fun. And I think that’s important for me and the kinds of films I make. The film I’m here to present, Lights Out, is a fun horror film. And I think Aquaman is a character who has… you know, been made fun of a lot over the years, and I think it’s kind of fun to show a really different, cool, badass side to this character – but at the same time, let’s not forget to have fun with it.” –Movieweb.com

It’s hard to define the word ‘fun’ when he’s talking about some of his previous work.  I’ve seen both Saw  as well as  The Conjuring  and to me, those films are VERY dark and depressing.  The Saw franchise in and of itself is labeled as ‘torture porn’ whereas  The Conjuring  is yet another take on the exorcism genre.  Both of these movies are great but I don’t get a sense of ‘fun’ when I watch them.  I also have not seen  Lights Out  which was the example he gave in his response.  But if  Aquaman  is anywhere near the over-the-top action packed adventure of  Furious 7  with that type of feel,  then I’m all in.

Ever since the launch of the New 52 comics from the 90’s, Aquaman has certainly earned a better reputation.  Gone are the days when he was viewed as one of the corniest superheros around.  Sure he can telepathically communicate with other aquatic life forms and has super-strength while swimming at remarkable speeds underwater, but he has always been a founding member of the Justice League.

Fans like me will remember what he looked like from the  Justice League  animated series:  

His appearance from this show is pretty close to what  Game of Thrones  actor Jason Momoa will look like in his solo movie.  He resembles more so as a Greek god like Neptune rather than just a man who swims fast and communicates with fish.

I am very much looking forward to what James Wan has in store for us.  I hope he’s right when he says that this film will be more ‘fun’ than other DC films because DC needs a film like this.  I mean they can’t all be dismal right?  They don’t necessarily have to follow Marvel’s formula of a comedy action/adventure film but it would be nice for one or two of these movies to have a lighter tone.

The  Aquaman  movie is set to be released on July 27, 2018.  What kind of tone do you think this film should have?  Should James Wan follow in Zack Snyder’s footsteps of a dark and depressing superhero film or should he go a different direction and try to stand out from the other DC films? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!




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