5 Best Moments From ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

If you haven’t determined by the title alone, I will be getting into MAJOR spoiler territory here.  So if you still have not seen the film, please go check out some of my other articles.

Still here?  Ok, let’s get right into it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  is by no means a perfect film.  In fact, it shouldn’t even qualify for being great.  The film has major flaws with the story being all over the place and let’s be honest; the movie did not live up to our expectations.  It is not a terrible movie however there are many scenes in the film that is well worth the price of an admission ticket alone.  With all that being said, I’d like to tell you my five favorite scenes from the film.  Here are my reasons why you should go see this movie at a theater near you!

#1.  Bruce Wayne’s Perspective of the Battle in Metropolis

The films’ opening credits wastes no time setting up Bruce Wayne’s origin story of the Batman.  We then jump right into the battle of Metropolis from the conclusion in  Man of Steel  only this time we see everything take place from Bruce Wayne’s perspective.  The entire scene is shot beautifully.  We see Bruce driving in his black Jeep Renegade through the streets of Metropolis avoiding all of the debris with lots of destruction taking place all around him.  He finally reaches the Wayne Financial building where a lot of his employees are housed inside.

Bruce calls one of his coworkers and informs him to tell everyone to flee the building.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time as the entire building comes crumbling down with Bruce looking onward at the devastation.  You feel horrible for Mr. Wayne as he has again lost more people closer to him.  This finally begins the grudge that takes place between him and Superman. You immediately understand the motives that Bruce Wayne has, to take on the alien.  It’s a well developed opening act and sets the tone moving forward.

#2.  Clark “Reunites” with his Father

This is one of the most emotional moments in the film.  This scene takes place shortly after Superman goes into exile.  The Man of Steel finds himself somewhere high up in the mountains where he envisions his father Pa Kent speaking with him.  Kevin Costner’s cameo in the film is welcomed as we get some nice dialogue that motivates Superman in his time of need.

Clark is looking for guidance and his father has always been there for him.  Pa Kent tells a story of a time when he understood the need for heroism and that every action he took still had a cost to it.  The moral of the lesson here was that no matter what could have been done, there was always a cost to something which could lead to unintended consequences and thus affect the lives of others.

Not only is this scene highly necessary to push the movie forward while humanizing Superman but it’s the final words of Pa Kent to Clark that truly resonates with the audience and will certainly bring a tear to your eye.  Pa Kent’s final words are,”I miss you son” while Clark responds saying, “I miss you too dad.”

#3.  Batman’s Clash With Superman

This was the moment we were all waiting for.  While the film took a LONG time to get here, the scene did not disappoint.  “Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham!”  Lex Luthor could not have said it any better as the movie certainly gave us a tremendous WWE match between two of the most popular DC heroes.

The scene kicks off with Superman toying with Batman throwing him around like a rag doll.  However the scene quickly takes a turn for the worst for Superman as the Dark Knight utilizes kryptonite to his advantage.  Bruce Wayne created bullets that explode on impact resulting in a kryptonite gas to weaken Superman.  Batman now has the upper hand and is able to face him in hand to hand combat. Surprisingly there is a clear winner in this match and it’s not who’d you expect.  Batman is the one who’s victorious and nearly kills the Man of Steel which leads me to my next point…

#4.  Batman Realizes Superman’s Human Qualities

After Batman nearly kills Superman with a kryptonite coated spear, Superman screams out in agony with his dying breathe, “Save, Martha.”   Bruce unsure why he’s saying this, promptly believes that he is talking about his own mother, Martha Wayne.  Batman asks Bruce why he’s saying his mother’s name.  Superman too weak to respond, continues to mention that Bruce must save Martha.

We then see Lois Lane appear to comfort Superman informing Bruce that Martha is also Clark’s mothers name and he’s running out of time to save her.  This scene makes Bruce realize that this alien has human qualities.  He has a girlfriend who loves him and has a family including a mother who’s name is the same as his mother.  Bruce understands the errors of his ways and goes to seek redemption by finding Clark’s mother who is being held hostage by Luthor’s mercenaries.

#5. Wonder Woman’s Debut

The crowd went wild the moment Wonder Woman appeared.  For year’s we’ve waited anticipating the cinematic debut of DC’s most famous heroine.  That day finally came when audiences gazed at the introduction to this Justice League character.  With nowhere left to go, Batman is left helpless while Doomsday is ready to vaporize him with his heat vision.  Wonder Woman wouldn’t allow it as she steps right in front of Batman to shield him with her own gauntlets (aka the Bracelets of Submission).

Unfortunately this moment was ruined by one of the trailers but it’s a moment that will go down as one of the best in the film.  To finally see Wonder Woman on the big screen is a big sigh of relief for fans of the DC character.  Her presence is felt mightily as she plays a huge part in the films’ final act. The trinity is brought front and center as they prepare to take on Luthor’s creation of the monster known as Doomsday.

Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman should not disappoint fans.  She gave us a great first look at what’s to come with her solo film coming out next year.  The trinity is now complete with the three Justice League characters taking center stage.

So those are my five favorite scenes from  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  What were some of your favorite scenes from the film and why?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!





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