The Full ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Soundtrack is on YouTube and it’s AWESOME!

It’s finally here!  The full  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  soundtrack has been released online. Fans can now listen to the soundtrack in its entirety for the very first time.  The soundtrack for this movie was crafted by the  Man of Steel  and the  Dark Knight Trilogy  composer, Hans Zimmer.  The films soundtrack will also be completed by Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg who’s familiar work includes last years’  Mad Max: Fury Road  and this years’  Deadpool.   Check out the soundtrack in its entirety down below!    

Hans Zimmer will primarily be creating the music for Superman while Junkie XL will be handling the reigns of the new Batman vigilante.  You can hear a lot of the Man of Steel’s main theme in the film as it looks like most of his themes from his solo film have been carried over.  Together, they have created one hell of a soundtrack.  These two have teamed up before and look to have constructed yet another amazing and memorable movie soundtrack.

While most films hold off till the very end to release the full soundtrack to refrain from spoilers such as  Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  DC has been bold with their strategy and want to give audiences a taste of what’s to come.  Here is a rundown check list of the names of the soundtracks:

CD 1:

  1. A Beautiful Lie
  2. Their War Here
  3. The Red Capes Are Coming
  4. Day of the Dead
  5. Must There Be A Superman?
  6. New Rules
  7. Do You Bleed?
  8. Problems Up Here
  9. Black and Blue
  10. Tuesday
  11. Is She with You?
  12. This Is My World
  13. Men Are Still Good (Batman Suite)

CD 2:

  1. Blood of My Blood
  2. Vigilante
  3. May I Help You Mr. Wayne?
  4. They Were Hunters
  5. Fight Night

What I enjoy about the names of these titles is that the majority of them are very simplistic. In fact the following titles are actually quotes taken directly from the trailer and are one’s fans are all too familiar with: “The Red Capes Are Coming, Do You Bleed?, Black and Blue, and Is She with You?”  Some of the other titles such as “New Rules, Tuesday, and Vigilante” are so simple that it’s even harder to determine the setting they take place in the film.  However the one’s I believe that have the most question marks surrounding them are, “Day of the Dead, Men Are Still Good, Blood of My Blood, and They Were Hunters.”

The “Day of the Dead” title could potentially mean the remembrance of those who died in the destruction of Metropolis from the battle between Zod and Superman.

The “Men Are Still Good” title we know from the soundtrack is also known as the ‘Batman Suite’ so it obviously must have something to do with this character.  Perhaps this is an indication that Bruce Wayne realizes that not all men have turned evil.  There was a famous quote from the trailers where Ben Affleck states, “How many good guys are left?  How many stayed that way?”  Whoever this individual or individuals are must be important enough to lend them credit to their own title.

“Blood of My Blood” is one of the titles that puzzles me here.  Are they talking about something that relates to actual blood or is this more of a metaphor?  I’d say it’s more of a metaphor for what’s to come. Perhaps this is talking about Batman colliding with Superman and how they each share similar motives for fighting each other.  It’s a tough call, but one that needs to be given some thought.

The last one, “They Were Hunters” is also a puzzling title.  Surely this is referencing something from the past but what?  It’s also in the plural form of ‘they.’  Could this possibly be attributing to something about the Amazons of Themyscira?  I know the Amazons of Themyscira are known more so as ‘warriors’ rather than ‘hunters’ but could most or all of her kind have been killed at some point?  Once again ‘were’ is in the past tense which may be of grave importance judging by the title.

Evidently, simplistic titles is the smarter choice if the soundtracks are being released BEFORE the film is shown in theaters.  There have been a few movie soundtrack names out there from the past that gave away HUGE plot spoilers.

One of the soundtrack names that people usually reference was a title called “Qui-Gon’s Noble End” from  Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace.  Gee, I wonder what happens to this character by the end of the film?  Had it not been for the revealing title, the pre-movie released soundtrack would not have hurt the film in any way.  But now that die-hard  Star Wars  fans already knew going into the film that Qui-Gon would perish, it certainly took some of the fun out of the enjoyment of the movie.

How would you have felt if before watching  Terminator 2: Judgment Day,  TriStar Pictures released a full soundtrack with one of the titles named “The T-800’s Sacrifice?” I’m sure a lot of you would have been upset.  The moment when Schwarzenegger’s character had to sacrifice himself was tough to watch.  After everything the lead characters had been through, there was still one chip remaining to destroy which was located inside of the T-800’s membrane.  That moment will go down as one of the most heart wrenching moments in film history and could have been ruined by a horrible title.

Now yes you are correct if you’re thinking somewhere on the lines of, “But that film came out over twenty years ago!”  and you’d be correct.  That’s because today the internet is filled with far more spoilers than we can possibly imagine.  As soon as a huge blockbuster film is released (and sometimes even earlier), there are people online trying to ruin it for everyone.  Look at what one person did recently to the back of their SUV: (and by the way if you haven’t already seen  Star Wars: The Force Awakes  by now then shame on you!)…

This picture was released online only a few short hours AFTER the movie came out.  Had fans been on the internet (or God forbid driving on the road behind this vehicle), then they certainly would have been spoiled the second they laid eyes on it.

It’s a shame how quickly spoilers go on the internet now a days.  I’m glad to see that this new soundtrack for  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  doesn’t appear to give anything major away. It’s a smart decision for the writers and the creative team to market this full soundtrack out for fans to give a listen.  I don’t know about you but I am now even more excited to see this film.  I already have my ticket for Thursday night and I cannot wait any longer!

How pumped are you to see this film? (c’mon do I even have to ask that question?)  A better question for you all would be, “Does this soundtrack amp up your level of excitement even more!?” Also, what titles here stand out to you the most and why?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and please share!



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