Could Vision be the one who ‘KILLS’ War Machine in ‘Captain America: Civil War?’


I’m sure by now that everyone who decided to click on this article has now seen the  Captain America: Civil War  trailer at least fifty times am I right?  That’s probably exaggerating just a bit but lets be honest; we’ve seen this trailer dozens of times by now and can’t get enough of it.  Captain America: Civil War  is getting closer after each passing day.  Tony Stark will go to blows against Steve Rogers in a full on superhero vs superhero battle.  Let’s go and watch that trailer a few more times shall we?  

There has been much speculation as to who may or may not be biting the dust in this film.  Marvel has been giving us this scene of War Machine getting shot out of the sky while crashing and burning in multiple trailers.  It’s hard to tell exactly who or what has hit War Machine but one thing looks certain: War Machine is NOT going to make it out of this film alive.

The trailer wants you to believe that Bucky is the one who shoots War Machine out of the sky:


With clever editing, Marvel is being sneaky and wants us to believe this is the case.  However there may be some proof taken directly from this trailer that it’s not Bucky who takes him down but one of War Machines own allies: Vision.

Now you may be asking yourself why Vision?  Well, I’d be happy to answer this question for you.  You see Vision is clearly one of Marvel’s strongest Avengers after having the Mind Stone implanted in his forehead much thanks to Ultron.  This ability gives him power that even he may not know he is capable of.   That being said, Vision is definitely a character you do not want to mess with.  Most fans were speculating that whatever team the Vision is on would automatically win however the trailer shows us otherwise. There’s no Thor or Hulk so who could possibly fight and keep up with the Vision? The answer is Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch.


Scarlet Witch is also a very powerful Avenger.  We saw her showcase her powers mightily in Avengers: Age of Ultron  while tearing apart hundreds of Ultron bots.  We also saw her fall to the ground after the death of her brother to create this wave of magical energy which completely annihilated the remaining bots headed for the switch to activate the drill.  In the  Civil War  trailer we see Scarlet Witch use her incredible powers to tame Vision and basically force him to kneel before her as you can see below:


What happens here is uncertain however based on evidence from the previous film I’d say she may try and get inside his head.  We know from watching   Avengers: Age of Ultron  that the Scarlet Witch subdued the Avengers by implanting haunting visions of their past (or future).

None of us knew exactly what Hulk saw in his vision but we know how that outcome turned out and it went something like this:

Could another haunting “vision” be in order for one of Marvel’s most powerful Avengers?  I’d certainly say so.  It’s tough to say if the Vision could handle such a trick from the Witch but I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he succumbed to her powers.  After all, she does seem to be the only one to face him one on one.

Here is a look at what the Vision can do with the Mind Stone of his:

And here is an enlarged photo from the scene above:

The beam that shoots out from the stone is yellow in color and appears powerful enough to melt armor.  This is the same beam that melted Ultron’s vibranium coated armor in  Avengers: Age of Ultron.  So would this be enough to cut it’s way through War Machines armor?  I believe so.

Take a quick glance below of the shot taken directly from the trailer:   

All the Cool Stuff in the New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

While this shot is very quick, we can see that it is a very fast moving projectile that seems to resemble a beam of some sort.  Whatever it is, it’s certainly powerful enough to go directly through War Machines armor.




We can see from the photo’s above that this battle most likely takes place at the airport towards the end of the trailer.  This could be sometime towards the end of the battle when War Machine is shot out of the sky.  The base that you see directly behind Tony Stark is likely the base we saw from the trailer:


Therefore, we know Vision was present during the battle and could likely be the one to deal a devastating blow to War Machine.  It’s still tough to say who it really is but some of these signs point to him being the culprit as a result of the Scarlet Witches power.

Another question I ask myself is WHY would she be willing to do this?  I mean Vision is ultra powerful and wouldn’t that be too much of a risk to possibly see him annihilate an Avenger?  Perhaps this could be a way of Wanda getting even with Stark.  We know from  Avengers: Age of Ultron  that Stark’s father played a role in the killing of her parents.  Also her twin brother Quicksilver died at the ‘hands’ of Ultron which was also Tony’s idea of world peace.  So if Scarlet Witch wants to “get even” why not take down one of his best friends in James Rhodes by using one of his own team members against him?  In a way this would make sense but we definitely won’t know this answer until we all see the film for ourselves.

But that’s what I think.  More importantly what do you think?  Who do you think is the one responsible for shooting down War Machine?  Do you believe it to be Vision based on the clues I’ve given you or do you think it’s someone else (Baron Zemo or Crossbones perhaps?)  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and please share!

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