Why the Phrase “Hey Everyone” is the PERFECT Introduction to our new Spider-Man!

For those of you who don’t know, Spider-Man is in the Marvel cinematic universe.  His very first appearance will be in this years  Captain America: Civil War.  Roughly one year ago it was announced that SONY and Marvel collaborated on a deal which would allow Marvel to “borrow” the rights to Spider-Man in any of their films hence the reason why he will be starring in  Captain America: Civil War.  Spider-Man will in fact be getting his solo film in July of 2017.  

Spider-Man’s introduction to the Marvel cinematic universe was nothing short of spectacular.  Hearing Tony shout “Underoos!” was surely a telling sign that we would be seeing the web-head fly into action.  We see our new Peter Parker take Caps vibranium shield while conducting what Deadpool would call a great “Superhero landing.”

Spidey’s words of “Hey everyone” speaks volumes and has multiple meanings.  On the one hand, Spider-Man has yet to introduce himself to the Avengers, until now.  We learned from Luis’s flashback sequence from  Ant-Man  that Spider-Man is already in this universe when he stated that “We got a guy who jumps, a guy who swings, and a guy who crawls up the walls.”  The real question that everyone is asking is where was Spider-Man during the battle of New York from the first  Avengers film?

Clearly Marvel had not made a deal yet with SONY and therefore was not able to utilize the character in that movie.  I’m sure the Russo brothers will give us an answer to this between Tony Stark and Peter Parker since we learned from this trailer that he will be fighting on Stark’s team.

Another great aspect of this quote is to not only let the Avengers know who he is but also to tell (and show) audiences that Spider-Man is indeed in this Marvel cinematic universe.  What a great way to introduce one of Marvel’s most marketable characters by having Spidey swing into action and proclaim, “Hey everyone.”

What I enjoyed most about this quote was how it was spoken.  Now I’m not some psychology major or a person who reads too much into quotes that are stated but from how he presents himself all the way down to how he says it, Spider-Man doesn’t seem to enthused that he must take on the Avengers.  It wasn’t a “Hey everyone!” or a “HEY EVERYONE!!!”  or a ‘Look at me I’m Spider-Man Mother Fu****!” moment (only Deadpool could get away with that type of language), but rather a subtle way of introducing himself to the Avengers in the most badass way.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Avengers react when Spidey makes his very first appearance. James Gunn  (Guardians of the Galaxy)  recently mentioned that he watched the entire film and praised actor Tom Holland as being the quintessential Spider-Man: “It’s his own thing. He is to Spidey as Downey is to Iron Man, Ledger was to the Joker, Pratt is to Star-Lord.”  Gunn also said that Holland is “the best Spidey/Peter Parker ever by a country mile.”

That is a lot of praise for someone who wasn’t part of the making of  Captain America: Civil War.  Gunn also called it one of Marvel’s best.  It’s great to hear directors and people who are just fans to speak highly on a film.  Holland lives and breathes the character and has been known to post a few videos and shots of himself completing backflips and all kinds of stunt work:  

Those acrobatics will sure come in handy when he transforms into the famous web-head.  He takes pride in his acrobatic stunts and will come full circle when he dones the costume for the very first time.

I am very much looking forward to this new incarnation of Spider-Man.  We’ve already had two actors play the wall-crawler in the last fifteen years.  It’s nothing strange on DC’s side since they’ve re-casted Batman multiple times over the course of twenty-five plus years so hopefully it’ll pan out for Marvel as well.

Joe and Anthony Russo have stated that they have no intention of giving us a complete origin story of the character since they don’t have to.  With Captain America being the forefront in this film there is just no time at all to give us a full introduction to the character even if the runtime is almost two and a half hours long.

The Russo brothers have proclaimed that they are wasting no time with his origin story and audiences will immediately understand that Spidey was in this universe all along.  Spider-Man will be swinging himself into the Marvel cinematic universe soon enough on May 6.  But first, we still have to experience another superhero vs superhero battle in  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  which will debut in theaters on March 25.

So what do you think of Spider-Man’s introduction to the Marvel cinematic universe?  Do you think we should have gotten a solo film of the character before his introduction in  Captain America: Civil War or do you think Marvel is making the right decision?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know what you think!

Sources:  comicbookresources.com, slantnews.com, and collider.com.




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