5 BIG Reveals from the Final Trailer of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Iron Man vs. Captain America

“New York. Washington D.C. Sokovia. Captain, people are afraid.” -Thunderbolt Ross

“That’s why I’m here. We need to be put in check.”  -Tony Stark

“I know we’re not perfect. But the safest hands are still our own.” -Steve Rogers

This is the final straw.  Superheroes are at odds with each other.  There’s no messing around here.  Tony has layed out his plans, and so has Steve.  Superheroes can’t be trusted and are forced to sign a treaty that will limit their decisions unless Captain America has anything to say about it.

This latest trailer could not have been summed up more perfectly.  We already knew what we were in for.  Get ready for a fight unlike no other.  The Russo brothers look to have made another incredible film.  Tears and bloodshed will be shown.  Hearts will be broken.  Lives will be lost.

It seems the quote Nick Fury stated about the creation of the Avengers Initiative is now a long lost memory:

“There was an idea called the The Avengers Initiative.  The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people and see if they could become something more.  See if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles we never could.” -Nick Fury

The Avengers are now crippled nearly broken beyond repair.  This film will delve into much debate on whether we should be rooting for either Tony Stark or Steve Rogers.  Fans watching this film will be torn and will make this movie going experience all the more intense.  The latest trailer gave us more footage to pick apart but the main focal point remains the same: It’s Tony Stark vs Steve Rogers.  That much is clear.  If you haven’t done so already check out the amazing final trailer for  Captain America: Civil War  below:

Lots of new footage has been shown to give us fans all the more reason to feel more excited. Enough has been revealed to keep our interests and after watching this trailer numerous I have found “5 BIG Reveals from the final trailer of  Captain America: Civil War.”  

#1.  Black Widow is unsure where her allegiance lies


“They’re coming for ya.” -Tony Stark

“I’m not the one who needs to watch their back.” -Black Widow

Black Widow is clearly the scapegoat here.  After everything she’s been through with both Tony and Steve, it’s hard for her to pick and choose a side.  The posters have her marked in red (Team Stark) but I don’t believe for one second that she will only be fighting for Stark’s Team.  While Widow has been with Stark longer, she has befriended Cap and the only thing that’s keeping her torn is the role of Bucky Barnes.  Bucky will play a heavier role in this film as we will learn more about his past and how many important people he has assassinated in his lifetime as The Winter Soldier.

It’s tough to say now if Widow is indeed a spy which I initially thought.  Everything we’ve seen from the trailers point towards her fighting with Stark but I still believe that at some point she will be switching sides understanding Cap’s perspective on the matter.

#2.  Vision is Vulnerable 

  Scarlet Witch Controlling Vision

When audiences heard that Vision would be starring in  Captain America: Civil War  most people mentioned that whatever team he’s on would be declared the winner.  The same goes for the Hulk which is why the Russo brothers decided to leave him out.  However fans quickly forgot just how powerful the Scarlet Witch is as we see her incredible magical powers being put to the test on the Vision.  The marketing team for this film have listened which is why they had to show us a glimpse of Vision on the verge of being defeated.

We know from  Avengers: Age of Ultron  that Scarlet Witch can use her mind control and place terror in the minds of her adversaries.  It’s hard to say exactly what she is doing to Vision in the quick shot but it looks like she is winning the battle.  All those comic book aficionados know that the Scarlet Witch and Vision form a close bond with one another in the comics.  It’s hard to say if this marvel universe is willing to go that route but don’t count it out completely.  Afterall, we did get a slight hint when Vision saved her from the wreckage that was once the city of Sokovia:

#3.  Stark’s Prison Cell of Solitary Confinement 

In the original  Civil War  comic book, Tony Stark and Mister Fantastic developed a place to help house criminals in order to keep them contained.  However, this prison was also used to arrest anyone who opposed the Registration Act.  The comic storyline had Stark imprison heroes and villains in the Negative Zone.  Unfortunately since 20th Century Fox owns the right to this place as well as the rights to the Fantastic Four these characters and places could not be admitted in this cinematic universe.  However, a substitute to this would be another prison cell specially designed for supervillains called The Raft.


This prison cell for supervillains was designed by S.H.I.E.L.D. and would not allow anyone to escape.  Clearly, Stark has other intentions for this facility as he may use this place for his advantage to keep other superheroes in check.  Captain America and his allies are in for a rude awakening…

#4.  Still No Baron Zemo

I thought for sure we would at least get a glimpse of one of Marvel’s most cunning villains in the latest trailer.  I mean he is in this movie right?  I understand that the marketing team wants to keep the focus between Stark and Rogers but is it too much to ask for at a little peak?  At least we were given Crossbones a few times with some hand to hand combat but I have to say I’m VERY surprised we haven’t seen him at all!

Unfortunately it’s looking more like another Marvel throwaway villain.  It’s a shame that Marvel is wasting so many good villains and not further developing their characters (with Loki being the exception).  Oh well, at least we have plenty of superhero vs superhero action to look forward to.

#5.  Our First Look at the New Wall Crawler in this Cinematic Universe!

“Hey Everyone!”

Spidey is FINALLY right at home where he should be.  The web-slinger shoots his way right into the middle of the action as he grabs Caps shield away from him with style.  We know that this Spider-Man is much younger than previous on-screen iterations and we also know that he will be siding with Stark’s team.  Why?  That is still to be debated.

At some point in the film Tony will have recruited Spider-Man to fight on his team.  We don’t know how Tony convinced him to come all the way to Germany to take part in this fight against the other heroes.  I mean doesn’t he have homework to finish and exams to study for?

I sure am glad Marvel was able to make a deal with SONY to be able to borrow him whenever they want to.  Spider-Man was heavily involved with the Avengers in the comics so it seems fitting for him to be playing in the same sand box as them.  I’m sure every comic book fan went nuts during those final seconds of the trailer.  It’s definitely a moment we should all cherish.

What parts of the trailer stood out to you the most?  I’d like to hear your thoughts below and please share!

Sources:  Pictures courtesy of both  Screenrant  and  Cinemablend.  


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